Updated: 05/10/2011 11:15
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The latest newsletters from the administration of ExoticFX inform about a new payment processor, the great possibilities of making money by helping...

The latest newsletters from the administration of ExoticFX inform about a new payment processor, the great possibilities of making money by helping investors refer people to ExotiFX and of course about the benefits of participating in Forex Trading Apprenticeship program.

Good news is that they have added a fifth payment processor to the list of payment options at ExoticFX.net. It is PerfectMoney and from now on the list of accepted e-currencies includes Liberty Reserve, AlertPay, GlobalDigitalPay, PerfectMoney and H-D Money. They also promise to add SolidTrustPay and Bank Wire. The decision to add PM was made because according to Charles (the admin of ExoticFX) many members complained about the high cost of fees at AlertPay. Another factor is that LibertyReserve continues having problems with their API and HD-Money and GDP are rarely used. Charles hopes that PerfectMoney will provide an alternative for program's members.

In the next newsletter the admin of ExoticFX confidently claims that HYIP market is dead and ExoticFX begins its reign: “If you haven’t noticed, the HYIP Market is all but dead. Programs come and go faster than they get their banners placed. The reality is, people are wiser than the Ponzi Admins give them credit for. That is exactly why we are growing as fast as we are.”

He says that his project is gaining enormous popularity in the wake of all the closures and HYIP market crash. He feels sorry for those of you that have lost so much in scam HYIPs and believes that ExoticFX and FTA program is the only good choice for you. According to him anyone can learn how to trade: “We don’t care if you have no experience. You CAN learn to trade: Safely Securely and Relatively Quickly. (In the meantime you can earn back your losses using our Hands-Off approach which is ExoticFX). We don’t care if you dont have the time to devote to learning how to trade. Using our systems, you can learn to trade in a few months of easy learning, and following our systems you WILL be successful.”

Whether you agree or not is up to you. ExoticFX is really much more than a usual HYIP but time will tell whether this otherness is good or not. In the latest newsletter Charles offers you to become an affiliate guru and make money by assisting members in attracting others to the programs offered by ExoticFX. He says people should contact his team right now through the blog, support tickets, live chat or all of the above and they will immediately assist those that don't know where to start.

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