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Dear investors and visitors Today we have another survey which consist of the most important aspects of HYIP industry It is not a secret that if you want
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Dear investors and visitors,
Today we have another survey which consist of the most important aspects of HYIP industry. It is not a secret that if you want to become rich you have to know everything about your business sphere.

HYIPNews is the most informative source in the field of money earning online. Each investor type knows about our professionalism. Our daily news, reviews, presentations etc are helpful for each investor type. So, we have decided to create weekly surveys to help you with building your own strategy before investing money. And if you are experienced investor, then our surveys will become a great source of topical information for you.

You may see our surveys twice a week - on Thursday and Friday. These days are good for reading such information. We are trying to give only actual information which will be useful for experienced investors and newbies. Anyway, if you have any questions or propositions, or maybe you even want to add something, please live your comments above. You don't need even registration for doing it!

Remember that HYIPNews is created with only one purpose - give the information you need in the form you like!

I4dollar (i4dollar.com) 17.5-26.5% daily or 122-230% after 30 days!
All-Success (all-success.com) 108.5-129.5% after 1 day or 117-161% after 2 days!
CuancaFX (cuancafx.com)1.6-5% daily!
Earn-Money-Market (earn-money-market.com) 106-127% after 1 day or 131-225% after 5 days!
Forex-Perfect (forex-perfect.com) 3-4% daily!
OnlineInvestmentBank 7% daily!
Prim Fix 120% after 15 days or 160% after 30 days!
Invest Crown (investcrown.com) - 5-9% daily!
Savings-Fund (savings-fund.com)104-128% after 1 day or 144-188% after 3 days!
Catalyst ROI (catalyst-roi.com)107-120% after 1 day or 170-190% after 4 days!
Green Plants (gplants.org)3-7% daily!

Not-a-Hyip not paying.
Success Fund not paying.
Partner Inv not paying.
Mvp Return not paying
Dollars Instant not paying
Profit-Reservation not paying.

All these programs have too big percent of daily payouts (from 100% to 200% and higher) within 1 or 2 days. Please notice that all these sites are still working so be careful!

Good News.
TopBestFund is back to normal. We are really happy that this program is working as usual and wish all investors to earn as much as possible with this project. Nice work admin!

Thursday May 10, 2011 Forex Cod (fxcod.com) gave the latest Forex news to it's clients. Monday May 9th, 2011 Macrotrade company announced that due to the unstable work of LibertyReserve API cannot proceed with transfers automatically. Monday May-9-2011 ii-Co (ii-co.com) gives the hot information about the EUR/USD moves off session lows, reaches 1.4315

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