Updated: 05/12/2011 11:02
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The administration of ExoticFX was surprisingly quiet for a couple of days and there weren't any updates received. And then it finally came informing...

The administration of ExoticFX was surprisingly quiet for a couple of days and there weren't any updates received. And then it finally came informing about the soon addition of Bank Wires. Charles, the admin of the program promised that it would be available in a few hours, however I just checked the FAQ section on the website and it was still saying that bank transfers investment option was coming soon. Maybe they didn't change it in a FAQ section or it is still not added. Charles informs that you will be able to send funds directly to company's Dantex Bank Account in Hong Kong.

Soon you will be informed about the way you can transfer funds and about all the details involved with using Bank wire transfers. Despite the fact that it is preferable to invest with USD currency, you will have the option to send funds in ten different currencies. Charles adds: “Exchange fees will apply when necessary. Only when funds are fully received will they be credited to your EFX account. Only the final amount of funds we receive will be entered into your EFX account.”

The next update concerns the EFX affiliate guru offer. The administration is launching a column on program's blog where you will find out about the way of taking advantage of the affiliate bonuses that will be offered through the FTA and EFX programs. This column will describe the ways for you to attract others to both the EFX and FTA programs. By the way, another update concerns affiliate program commissions. From now on you will not only receive a 5% referral commissions on deposits of those you refer to the program but also a 2% bonus referral commission for those who are referred by your referrals. It means that the affiliate program at ExoticFX now has two levels.

The last very important update informs that program's AlertPay account was suspended. Here is what Charles says: “Not to worry, we are forwarding the information they have requested and expect it to be fully resolved shortly. In the interim, we are creating a script add-on that will allow us to convert your previous AP deposits, Investments and Withdraws to an alternate currency. Be patient and we will have this done in a couple of days.”. Well, many programs have faced such problem and only one case out of five ended successfully. We'll see how it will end for ExoticFX. That's all for today and we will keep informing you about fresh news from ExoticFX.

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