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In our latest news about EOS Fund ( we informed about pending withdrawals on May 6 which were the result of some technical failure ...

In our latest news about EOS Fund ( we informed about pending withdrawals on May 6 which were the result of some technical failure (according to the administration) and they had to be processed manually. However, they were really processed and life went on for this project. And now withdrawal requests are pending again and this time there is no information about the reasons. We have also received an alert from one of our readers and the analysis of the situation makes us conclude that the project is done and payments are not going to be processed.

Well, it is not surprising, considering that EOS Fund is a short-term program with the longest plan lasting for 5 days and that it completed the tree cycles of this plan. Of course, there were examples of short-term projects that operated for unbelievably long (for example but this is probably an exclusion and not a rule. However, the worst thing in this situation is that is still online and deposits keep being accepted.

The other thing is that some monitors mislead investors by displaying paying statuses while the program does not pay. Of course, everyone has right for a mistake and sometimes we do not react immediately (although it happens very rarely) but when I see some monitors showing irrelevant statuses all the time, I get angry. For example, if you visit and type in, you will see on top of monitors an icon of with paying status. You will also see on that icon that the last payment was received on May 5. As you can see, even if the admin of invested in the longest plan, he was supposed to get paid on May 10. Today is May 12 and he is displaying a paying status just like everything is okay but he probably hasn't even visited EOS Fund for a week and does not know that it stopped paying!

Sure, if you know about the problem with the project, you won't pay attention to such monitors and the understanding of which monitors you can rely on comes with experience. But what if some investor heard about EOS Fund being a good program and even did some due diligence and checked payment statuses on monitors and relied on such monitor as hothyips? (this is far not the first time when it displays irrelevant statuses). This investor will simply lose his money! I do not want to say bad things about HYIP monitors but I think that such monitors as the above mentioned one should not be trusted at all. Be smart and careful!

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