Updated: 05/13/2011 16:00
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Primfix ( has updated the news section and we have some fresh news to tell you about. First of all, the admin of the program whose name is...

Primfix ( has updated the news section and we have some fresh news to tell you about. First of all, the admin of the program whose name is Derek apologizes for not sending any newsletters in the past two weeks. He says they were pretty busy with the bets analysis and studying the HYIP market. He also says that some people are very skeptical about Primfix but he completely understands that and over time everyone will see that this project is here to stay for a long time. There are more than a thousand members now and Derek thanks everyone for their support.

The first update concerns a new platform for Primfix. The lighter version of a website will be launched in a few days with much easier navigation and will be easily accessible using the cell phone. Even if you do not know English, all you need to do is visit the website, make a deposit without a registration and then the day before your chosen plan expires you will receive a notification and then your money will be automatically withdrawn to your wallet. The original website will still operate and have all functions. The lighter version will be designed for those users who don't want or who cannot sign up.

The next update informs about the launch of a forum There you will find posts about sports betting and arbitrage. Betting experts were invited to join Primfix on the forum so that the administration can have much more interesting and professional content to share with you. You are welcome to sign up on the forum, introduce yourself and feel free to post in existing threads, create new ones and ask questions. By the way, a Promo Page for Primfix was promised to be launched. There you will find different tools that will help you promote the program. A promotional video is also promised to be presented within a few weeks.

Derek finishes the newsletter by announcing a small promotion: “We want to create a testimonials page for Primfix and we need you to write about your experience with us. Write a testimonial about Primfix saying how you like Primfix and e-mail it to su[email protected] , we'll chose some to put in our webpage and the chosen ones will receive a $5 reward. Don't forget to include your username in the e-mail. We need your help making Primfix even better, so please share your experience!”

P.S. General information about the project can be found in its Presentation.

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