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Hyip Monitor

Extra Finances (extrafinances.com) 18-20% daily or 135-155% after 7 days!
StarTrust (startrust.biz) 1.5-3.5% daily or 135% after 20 days!
Lucrativa Fund (lucrativafund.com) 7-8% daily or 110-120% after 5 days!
Inv Financial Fund (invfinancialfund.com) 105-128% after 1 day or 116-182% after 3 days!
IZ Capital (izcapital.com) 2.3-3.5% hourly or 106-140% after 1 day!
7 Days Invest (7daysinvest.com) 16-22% daily for 7 days!
Large Profit (largeprofit.biz) 105-110% after 1 day or 115-120% after 2 days!
Online Wallet (onlinewallet.biz) 105-120% after 1 day or 118-170% after 3 days!
Trust Earn (trustearn.biz) 30.5-50% daily or 105-120% after 1 day!
1Global Gold (1globalgold.com) 103% after 1 day or 110% after 3 days!

Direct Cash - not paying
Begin Fund - not paying
Earn-Money - Market - not paying
Mopo Income - not paying
Viva Profit - not paying
Profit-United - not paying
Majestic Funds - not paying
GorgonProjectInvest - not paying
World Invest Service Inc - not paying
Empire Finance Group - not paying

Let's sum up! All these programs have too different terms and conditions. Anyway, they all have problems with payouts. We hope they will solve issues and will get back to normal.

Good News.
We are happy to announce that BF-Spring (bf-spring.com) company has solved its temporary issues with login. So investors may proceed to earn money with this program. Nice work admin! Another company has get back to normal work. I am talking about AppaleShares (appaleshares.com). Congrats to all investors of this company! GainMasters (gainmasters.com) “ company has reched through all the problems and keep paying to its investors!

I must say that it is really not bad result! Three programs have returned from the dangerous side. It is a really good thing to know that program you invest in is keep paying, no matter what!

Monday May 16, 2011 ViscoCorp (viscocorp.com) great news for those who prefer the long term plans with great percent of payouts. Company is adding a new 120 days plan. Daily percent of payouts 8%.
Monday May 15, 2011 Perfectemoney (perfectemoney.com) company due to the demand of many investors has opened a weekly bonus on each new deposit. During this week (16-22 May) bonus will be 5%.
Monday May 15, 2011 TrustInvestmentCompany (trustinvestcompany.com) has changed it's investment plans.
Sunday May 14, 2011 EurosFund (eurosfund.com) give a new investment plan to its investors! It will consist of 5-8 daily during 60 days. Total profit 300-480%. Anyway, due to the terms of plan you can take out the money only in the end... think twice.

ProfitDeluxe (50 days), IHTFunds (187 days), Cakebond (131 days), Global-Gain (111 days), YTI Group (74), Winner Invest Club (22 days), Vinko Trade (19days), Mvp Return (14 days), Dollars Instant (15), Genuine Bank (32).

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