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You might have noticed that it is really quite in the world of online investments and HYIP admins are not active. Programs are slowly developing these...

You might have noticed that it is really quite in the world of online investments and HYIP admins are not active. Programs are slowly developing these days and nothing special is happening. Therefore today I propose to take a look at programs-“veterans” from our HYIP-list that have been monitored by for more than 300 days. They are ReProFinance (340 days), TopEarnMoney (336 days) and LionsSociety (302 days).

ReProFinance is currently on the second position in our catalog and is definitely one of the leaders and veterans in HYIP industry now. It has been constantly developing and paying without any delays. The administration has also redesigned the website, added new payment options and any investor can become a winner every month and receive cash prize. ReProFinance offers 0.8-1.5% for 90 business days and 0.9-1.9% for 180 business days with principal returned on expiry. You can make a deposit in this program with just $10. The accepted payment processors are AlertPay, PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve and you can also invest via Bank Wires.

TopEarnMoney is a stable program and despite the fact that admin has not been very active, he has changed the terms of investment plans and now you can make a deposit in one of the offered investment plans: Daily Plan offers 0.9%-1.6% daily for 315 days with principal returned on expiry. Interest is accrued on calendar days (including weekends); Short-term Plan brings 107% after 10 days with minimum deposit amount $10; Medium-term Plan offers 125% after 30 days. The minimum deposit amount is $100. The admin has also added AlertPay and now this payment processor can be used for making deposits as well as LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney.

LionsSociety is also one of the interesting investment projects. You can invest your money in the following offers: LSBASIC which generates money from HYPER Compounding in the HYIP world. However, only 10% go into the HYIP world, the remaining amounts will be distributed between the flax businesses. Based on this amounts you will receive earnings, until you reach a total amount of 300%, which will include your principal. Weekly earnings are paid on Mondays at 4 PM (+8 GMT) and range between 1%-3% per week.

The next offer LSREALTY can be joined with $60. Usually $1.20-$2.20 per week is achievable, however there can be weeks with lower profit. The most of $2.50 is paid, and in case the administration makes more, the money will be used for businesses. It pays for 600 days. CHENGDU UNIT is the new Realty Unit, which costs $250 and will end at $320-$350 before all units are sold out. The money is generated by the Realty Management division in Chengdu. These Units also pay for 600 days with an average of $8-$15 per unit and with a maximum of $18 per week. A deposit can be made via AlertPay, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and Bank Wires.

All these programs deserve your attention and have already proved themselves. We wish them to operate for much longer and to bring profit to much more investors!

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