Updated: 05/19/2011 15:36
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In the latest newsletter George , the admin of EarnoSphere ( informs about the addition of a MaxiVote system on the website. It can be...

In the latest newsletter George, the admin of EarnoSphere ( informs about the addition of a MaxiVote system on the website. It can be found on a “Rate” page where you can also check out the payment statuses of the project on all HYIP monitors it is listed on. Currently all statuses are positive which is not surprising because EarnoSphere has been paying without problems for 127 days and is one of the most popular and successful high-ROI programs in the industry paying 115% after 5 days, 135% after 10 days, 180% after 20 days, and 280% after 40 days. As you can see, it has already completed three of its longest plans.

If you like EarnoSphere and want to support this project, you can do that by posting payment proofs on forums and by voting on monitors. With the new function MaxiVote you can vote on all monitors at once. You should understand that support of investors is very important for the life-term of the project and if you have a deposit in some program, it is in your best interest to support it. By the way, do not forget that from now on you can check payment proofs on a new page called “Proofs” which can be found in menu at the bottom of the website.

P.S. For more information on EarnoSphere read its Presentation.

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