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Spam is a known and a very common problem in the industry of high-yield investing. Many times conducted campaigns to fight spam. We encourage you not to invest in programs that are advertised through spam. We assume that any administrator can deal with spam, and investors should never invest in projects that are advertised in such a way. Thus, spam will be meaningless.

Recently we have received the following email:

Subject: Sure invest-Instant Withdraw / / / /
4% Reff.Comm
Support 24 / 7
Accept LR & PM
Create an account

It is brief and very specific. The following link was hidden under "create an account": We followed that link, and saw a program called LargeProfit. As always in such cases, we informed the administrator that his program is advertised through spam, and we asked him to take action, otherwise he will be included in the WARNING list and will be named an accomplice to spammers. The administrator of LargeProfit turned out to be probably the first one that I remember, who not only immediately responded to this email, but even agreed to take action after our correspondence.

I am not saying that this correspondence went smoothly. In addition, I had to remind him about his own TOS , in which he explains the Anti-spam policy. However, the administrator fully agreed with my arguments and even promised to take measures (!). Meaning to block the account of a person who earned referral commissions in this forbidden way. I believe that no matter how LargeProfit will develop, the admin of this project should be an example for other admins. I hope that in the future it will be possible to give more examples of successful cooperation with administrators and to boast about successes fighting this unpleasant phenomenon.


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