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Hyip Monitor
We use different e-currencies to operate with HYIP programs. I am sure that each of you has his own facts to use this or that e-currency.

Trendica (trendica.net) 5-20% daily or 110% after 3 days!
Nano Energy Project (nanoenergyproject.com) 1-2.5% daily!
Premium Invest Pro (premiuminvestpro.com) 105-125% after 1 day or 135-180% after 5 days!
Frank Funds (frankfunds.biz) 1.3-2.5% daily or 9.5-18% weekly!
The Perfect Plan (the-perfect-plan.com) 108-116% after 1 day or 135-150% after 3 days!
Varo Investment (varoinvestment.com) 4.3% hourly or 105% after 1 day!
Trusted Barter Inc (trustedbarter.com) 22-25% daily for 5 days!
Op-Ric (op-ric.com) 28-37% daily or 102-111% after 1 day!
Vauban Global (vaubanglobal.com) 1.8-15% daily or 12.6-19.6% weekly!
Dollarain (dollarain.com) 105-133% after 1 day!
Miro Funds (mirofunds.com) 112% after 1 day or 125% after 2 days!
Max And Safe (maxandsafe.com) 106-138% after 1 day or 115-194% after 2 days!

Make Deposit Today not paying
Earn-Gold2u not paying
Invest Crown not paying
Omnia Treasure not paying
Trust Earn not paying
Online-Interests not paying

As we can see there are not much of not paying programs. Probably the resurrection of HYIP world has began. Anyway, let see the situation in our next survey on Tuesday. Remember that we are giving only hot HYIP news!

Good News.
Looks like this week many programs have decided to work farther! It is a really good news for many investors. Programs in our section of good news are always looks more valid. If administration is solving all issues in time, it means that they have reasons to stay and keep paying!

ProfxPartner (profxpartner.com) previous problems are solved! It's a really rare thing in the HYIP world and usually such programs are shutting down in the future. Anyway, this program is back now and it is a good news!
Begin Fund (beginfund.biz) has get back to normal work in short period of time!
Profit United (pu-revenue.com) this company solved all the samll issues and keep paying!
Gorgon Project Invest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) is going to stay with us!
Empire Finance Group (empfinance.com) has done everything to avoid negative reaction and started to work as usual!

Congratulations to all investors of these companies, looks like there will be not much of heart attacks this week;)

Tuesday May 17 2011 Gorgon Project Invest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) has added a new exciting plan but this plan is available only for GDP(Global Digital Pay) users. This plan is called Onslow daily return 3.5% for 180 days. Minimal deposit in this plan is $100.

Wensday May 18 2011 Gorgon Project Invest announes that they have enough with AlterPay tricks. (AlterPay has blocked 2 accounts of this company) Anyway, investors of GPI which are suing AlterPay can simply cash out the interest with the help of GDP.

Wednesday May 18, 2011 EarnoSphere gave the opportunity to vote with the help of MaxiVote system. So of you like the program and have a free minute you can vote for this program and your votes will be automatically added to all monitors!

Thursday May 19, 2011 LucrativaFund has added a new investment plan: 12-14% daily during 10 days. Minimal investment is $50.

Thursday May 19, 2011 Gulf Reserve (gulfreserve.com) has decided to make the road to prosperity much wider. Now you can find its page on Facebook!

Business Merchant Financial (bmfn.info) announced that they have nothing to do with the information from one of its investors about the deposit insurance. All the referrals are receiving the profit and the deposits insured are more risk free than as it was said.

On May 16 Profinwave company has added a promo-banner to each investors cabinet. Now you can simply login to your member's area and see the banner which you can use to promote this program. If you want to see the results check this personal blog of this company. Blog is here.

Plus Income (5 days), Online Wallet (5 days), Cunca FX (15 days), Viva Profit (12 days), Speed wealth (8 days), Earn-Money-Market (11 days), Mopo Income (11 days), Viva Profit (12 days), Majestic Funds (30).

HYIP Blogs.
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HYIP Forums.
We use different e-currencies to operate with HYIP programs. I am sure that each of you has his own facts to use this or that e-currency. This information will be useful for those people who are using PayPal. http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r147974-.html

We all know the end of each HYIP program story. Here you will find interesting and useful topic about the biggest Fraud/Scam in Human History: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r328787.html

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Almost each of us has his own, personal page on Facebook. A lot of people are there all day long. Here is the good answer to the question - Is it possible to earn with the help of Facebook? People have a great conversation about it here: http://goldentalk.com/t50225.html

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