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In this section we mention all programs appeared in the last three days, as well as those programs that were mentioned in interviews and reviews on various websites devoted to high-yield investment programs.

Israel Forex (israel-forex.biz) payouts: 1.5-3.5% daily!

Powerful Strategy (powerful-strategy.com) payouts: 1.8-2.8% daily!

Assured Depositary (assureddepositary.com) 8-10% daily or 150% after 15 days!

EarnVest (earnvest.com) payouts: 115% after 5 days or 135% after 10 days!

Forex Paean (fxpaean.com) payouts: 6.25-7.05% daily!

OSWealth (oswealth.com) payouts: 3-5% daily or 128-142% after 7 days!

Max Daily Earn (maxdailyearn.com) payouts: 110-112% after 1 day or 123-125% after 2 days!

Trust Budget (trustbudget.com) payouts: 103-110% after 2 days or 109-130% after 5 days!

MCA Fund (mca-fund.com) 103-110% after 2 days, 109-130% for 5 days, 123-165% - after 10 days

Fx Atomic Finance - not paying
Varo Investment - not paying
Frank Funds - not paying
The Perfect Plan - not paying
Op-Ric - not paying
Miro Funds - not paying
Dollarain - not paying
Max And Safe - not paying
IZ Capital - not paying
Large Profit - not paying
7 Days Invest - not paying
CM Investment - not paying

As we can see, the number of problem status-programs is much bigger than in the previous survey. Lets hope for the best and lets see how many programs will stay with us in our next survey on Friday! Anyway if your program has solved all problems till our next survey please tell us about it and we will change the information.

Saturday May 21 2011 Perfect Emoney (perfectemoney.net) program has changed the domain name. Now, when you visit perfectemoney.com, it will automatically transfer you to perfectemoney.net. Now they accept Libertyreserve, Perfectmoney and Alertpay.

Sunday May 22 2011 Flodian (flodian.com) has announced about adding a Live Chat! It is a great news indeed. So, now each of its clients may contact the support 24/h. Also they have changed the amount of allowed investment for the 2nd plan (1.5%) now it will be $200-$6000. For the 3d plan (1.75%) it will be $500-$10500. Let's see will it bring a good result or not!

Monday 23 2011 admin of Pro Fin Wave (profinwave.biz) has published the result of refers contest. Due to this news, the winner of the week is a user ID:73. The sum he has earned on referral commissions is $244. The second place belongs to user ID:170. The price for the 1st place is $150. Congrats to the winner! Looks like admin of Pro Fin Wave has good motivation to keep growing.

Sunday May 22 2011 Prim Fix gave the weekly report. There you can read useful information about many things concerning Prim Fix activity. For example: all major credit cards will be accepted through AlertPay, which is a major payment processor they already use. Also they have finished a creation of Prim Fix Lite you can view it right here: http://www.primfix.com/lite/ through this link you may visit Prim Fix Lite and make an investment.

Here is another good news from Prim Fix company, now PTP (paid to promote) system is ready. Each member may use it. There is no need to have an active deposit for earing with PTP. All you need is to promote your referral link https://www.primfix.com/lite/?aff=yourusername So, your account will be credited with 1 PTP credit for each unique visitor that comes to the site with the help of your ref link. You can exchange these credits for cash when you have over 100 credits. The rate is set at $1.20 for 1000 credits now. Anyway, our readers should now that this rate may change at any time.

Earn-Gold2u (141 days), Oil-Cash (27 days), Online-Interests (9 days), Direct Cash (3 days), Omnia Treasure (13 days), Simple Gain (15 days), Mvp Return (21 days), UnIncome (22days), Dollars Instant (22 days), Make Deposit Today (44 days), Medio Pay (56 days)

HYIP Blogs.
Very interesting thoughts about the ExoticFX company. Here you will find a little bit of its history and estimates on the future of the program. It is really useful thing to read a lot about the HYIP programs so we are happy to provide you as much of useful information as it is possible. http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/05/21/a-bad-exoticfx-scam-in-a-bull-market/

HYIP Forums.
One of the TalkGold members started a very interesting topic about money earning in the internet. Let's help him and tell about the many ways of money earning online. HYIPNews.com may assist anyone in this field! http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r329121-.html

If you are interested in HYIP programs location, hosting etc then you are welcome to read this thread. Dont foget - many people many minds! So any kind of information will be useful for a real HYIP expert! http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r328924-.html

Eight useful tips on how to choose e-currency pre-paid debit card. All the tips have really good description and might be useful, so why not to read? ;) http://goldentalk.com/t49663.html

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