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Yesterday the administration of a newly launched program and one the most recent additions to our HYIPlist called Rare Earth Group Invest ...

Yesterday the administration of a newly launched program and one the most recent additions to our HYIP-list called Rare Earth Group Invest (rareearthgroupinvest.com) welcomed everyone to their project and informed about their business:

“Currently we are in an upswing of production in the Americas, as the North American continent has made itself virtually self-sufficient as of April 2011. We hold leases in several deposits in the Americas and have been seeing the results of this drive for self-sufficiency and non-reliance. It coincides well with the opening of our public investment plans - we look forward to having you as a member!”

By the way, the administration of the program claims to be a group of geology consultants who determine source locations and harvesting strategies for some of the world's leading Rare Earth Element harvesters. They inform that Rare Earth Elements are used in many everyday products, including lasers, tablet computers (such as the popular iPad), healthcare monitoring technology, and new solar panel technology. At Rare Earth Group, they develop extraction solutions and staffing strategies for Rare Earth Element start-up companies.

If you like the concept of this project and want to make a deposit in Rare Earth Group Invest, keep in mind that it offers three investment plans: 0.7% for 30 days with min. deposit of $10; 1.5% for 60 days ($500 minimum) and 2.3% for 90 days ($1,000). Principal returns to you on expiry in all plans. The maximum deposit amount is $100,000. Deposits are accepted via LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney.

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