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Different people have different investment strategies. Some of them prefer investing in shortterm programs, other in longterm and less risky HYIPs....

Different people have different investment strategies. Some of them prefer investing in short-term programs, other in long-term and less risky HYIPs. However, the majority of investors try to deposit in programs as soon as possible and the earlier – the better. Of course, some prefer to wait and see how reliable the program is and them make a deposit. Whichever strategy you are a fan of, you should always know about new opportunities to make money, meaning about newly launched programs.

There are eight new projects that have joined HYIPNews over the last week. They are:

ForexForks offering 1.3% for 150 days ($2-$200); 1.5% for 150 days ($201-$2,000) and 2% for 150 days ($2,000-no limit) with principal returned on expiry.
LucrativaFund offers 110%-120% after 5 days ($5-$10,000); 120%-140% after 10 days ($7-$20,000) 7%-8% for 20 days ($10-$50,000) and 12-14% daily for 10 days ($50-$20,000) all with principal included.

has two types of investment plans. The weekly ones: 6.9% weekly for 20 weeks (20-999 USD); 7.9% weekly for 15 weeks (1,000-4,999 USD); 8.9% weekly for 10 weeks (5,000-20,000 USD) and daily plans: 1.10% daily for 80 business days (20-4,999 USD); 1.5% daily for 80 business days (5,000-20,000 USD). Principal is returned in all plans.
RareEarthGroupInvest: 0.7% for 30 days ($10-$100,000); 1.5% for 60 days ($500-$100,000) and 2.3% for 90 days ($1,000-$100,000). Principal returns to you on expiry in all plans.

PharmaFinance offers 5.5% a day for 30 days ($10- $500) with principal included; 1.7% a day for 45 days ($10-$500); 1.9% a day for 60 days ($501-$1,000); 2.1% a day for 90 days (1,001-100,000). You will receive your initial deposit on expiry in these plans.
BeaTrust: all plans last for 120 days and your interest rate depends on the amount of your deposit (it can be made in USD or EUR): 2% daily (1-100 USD or EUR); 2.3% daily (100.01-500); 2.6% daily (500.01-5,000); 2.9% daily (5,000.01-50,000) and 3% daily (50,000.01-90,000). Principal is returned.

PowerfulStrategy has four investment plans for you: 1.8% daily for 10 business days ($1-$100); 2% daily for 25 business days ($101-$1,000); 2.3% daily for 60 business days ($1,001-$5,000) and 2.8% daily for 120 business days ($5,001 and more).

Now you can choose one or more options and join these programs if you like them and want to be among the first investors.

P.S. One of the recently added projects has already gone to a scam list. It is a program called Oillers.

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