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In this article you will read about new and interesting program Rare Earth Group Invest (rareearthgroupinvest.com) Rare Earth Group Invest focused on...

In this article you will read about new and interesting program Rare Earth Group Invest (rareearthgroupinvest.com) Rare Earth Group Invest focused on sourcing and harvesting for rare rarth elements in the 3% of the world - from South Africa to Scandinavia, America, Russia. These unique locations are a critical alternative, when supply reduction policies take effect, as they have at a few points in the previous decade.

The domain name of Rare Earth Group Invest was registered on 18/02/2011 and it is paid till 18/02/2012. Not bad for a new company!

Now, we will check the details of investment plans. There are three unique investment plans for you to choose:

  • NEODYMIUM – 0.7% of daily payouts. Minimal investment sum is $10 for 30 days. It is the shortes investment plan and you want to test the program then you should start with NEODYMIUM Plan.
  • YTTRIUM - 1.5% of daily payouts. Minimal investment sum is $500 for 60 days. The administration claims that this plan is the best starting point for investors with some experience. Anyway, it's always better to start with the small sum and check all details.
  • PROMETHIUM - 2.3% of daily payouts. Minimal investment sum is $1000 for 90 days. The most profitable and the most long-termed plan of all in Rare Earth Group Invest company.

Also you have to know that: your capital will be returned in the end of investment period, maximum investment sum is $ 100 000. Program pays 7 (seven days a week)

On the site of this company you may find an online calculator. It is a really useful device that will help you!

Affiliate program is quite interesting. There are 5 levels of referral system (with the final 2 levels being reserved for the most experienced participants). You may earn additional 1%-6% of each investment from your referral link!

To operate with Rare Earth Group Invest you may use such e-currencies as Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.

The security is really important for each HYIP program. We can say for sure that Rare Earth Group Invest has really high security level. SSL protection is provided by GoDaddy, Inc. and it is paid till 06/05/2012. DDoS protection belongs to BlockDos. Location of the server Is US TX Dallas, 75207 1950 N Stemmons Freeway.

Here is the information about how to contact the Rare Earth Group Invest: Timezone: UTC/GMT +2 hours Location: Johannesburg, South Africa E-mail: info@rareearthgroupinvest.com Voicemail: +2711 083 5734

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