Updated: 05/26/2011 15:30
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A short review of a program that joined our catalog yesterday MAHIFund ( will be published next Wednesday. However, there is one thing I want to draw your attention to today. I want to talk about the plans of MAHIFunds or rather "concept of plans". I have stated many times that the future of HYIP industry is in conceptual programs. Those that look for interesting approaches. At one time, those approaches were based on real business.

Now there is an approach that defines a substantial group of "short-game HYIPs". Each of these options has already gathered a certain audience, so the future does not look so pitch-dark as it did before. Of course, profits of HYIP admins are not as impressive as before, but we are investors and the main thing for us is ability to forecast. Or if you prefer, the ability to forecast risk reduction. Meaning turning investing in HYIPs into the process of playing with acceptable unpredictability.

And I believe that projects similar to MAHIFund will help with this. The thing is that this project offers three investment plans. The first one is designed for a period of 15 days with daily payments. The second plan is designed for 25 days with daily payments. And the third one pays at maturity (30 days). The rate of return in the last plan is up to 180%, that is we deal with virtually a classic doubler.

We will take a closer look at the website in our review but it is clear that it was well thought over. For me it is important that the program definitely stands out from many other projects and is trying to offer something original. Of course, this is not the first attempt to combine different types of plans, but one should never stop fighting. And should never stop looking for something original. Of course, an original concept does not guarantee profits (the case with Dividend House is an example), but definitely improves the chances of success. And at least it makes investors' work more interesting. After all, this work is also based on searching.


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