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Despite of the dominance of very trivial, unoriginal and simple projects, HYIP Admins are very creative people. Take ExoticFX for example. Do you...

Despite of the dominance of very trivial, unoriginal and simple projects, HYIP Admins are very creative people. Take ExoticFX for example. Do you remember those hundreds of newsletters they sent every day? They told about this, about that and promised mountains of gold sometimes even in SEVERAL updates throughout the day. When the problems started, the talent of its team was used to explain the cause of emerged problems. Of course, we can understand the administrator and we can even justify him. And there are objective circumstances. But there is something that I consider to be a favorite lie of HYIP administrators, and what I think does not merit justification.

At some point some HYIP admins blame monitors for stealing from them. On the one hand, it is true. Indeed, many monitors don't do anything to promote programs. Moreover, they simply blackmail administrators (we are actually preparing an article about this). However this does not apply to ALL monitors. At least 25 monitors from the existing 600 (!) actually work. And if HYIP administrators made effort to study the situation, they would easily identify those 25 monitors.

But they don't make any efforts. They interact with all of them and as a usual Typical Administrator hope that they will have lots of clients. Yes, they consider investments to be traffic, and think that it is enough to place a banner on a particular resource and wait for deposits. Some administrators do not even think that it depends on THEM whether investors will make deposits. The matter of investors' confidence in the project, the matter of their desire to invest – can monitors and other “serving” sites be responsible for that?

However when it is necessary to make someone responsible, admins of monitors are the first ones who are responsible for the failure of a program. And by the way monitors are only responsible for failures of bad programs that are managed by Typical Administrator. Because any normal administrator understands that:

a) There are risks;
b) It is necessary to work;
a) It is necessary to invest.

Risks lie in the fact that any investment project, even the most attractive one, may "fail". Simply fail. These risks even increase if an administrator chooses the "catching in traps" strategy. That is, sets HYIPs as traps, waiting for investors. He does not work on the development of the project, he works at launching them not caring about customer support, promotion and clients. And most importantly it is necessary to invest: in promotion, in staff (and primarily in support service). Of course, sometimes it's expensive. Of course, now is not the time when it is possible to invest $100 in SPAM mailing and get $10,000 (!) return.

Monitoring deposits are such investments in promotion. And admins should understand that they risk by promising monitors to pay daily interest. It is enough not to be overconfident in order to minimize those risks. Judging by the manner of newsletters from ExoticFX, this is their main problem.

But most importantly that by blaming monitors in unreasonable receiving of profits, administrators say: “I'm not doing anything with your money, I am Ponzi, I take money to pay new investors from the deposits of previous ones.” Do you agree with me? How else can you explain the fact that monitoring deposits do not bring profit? There is no profit, and that was it is. There are often no deposits and no money. It is not a secret and many people understand that. There is such thing as a "legend". However administrators are creative, and obviously have bad memory. When problems start, the main thing for them is to excuse themselves. And they do not pay attention to the fact that one lie contradicts the other.

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