Updated: 05/27/2011 13:28
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The other day one of our regular reader sent us useful information. Administrators do not write this in their news and if bloggers do not get to this information or decide not to publish it, it rarely becomes publicly available. As a result, an administrator is unpunished despite the fact that he is a deceiver. This time is an example of such a deceit and the core of it is a decrease of interest rate.

Our reader says directly:

“Flexton is SCAM. They suddenly changed my 5% daily plan to 0.5% plan without explainations. After my email admin answered:

"Hello. This percentage is set temporarily, it is included for example if we have a business loss or even a lot of different things, do not worry."

The requirement to explain the situation was complied with silence. The administrator promises fixed income on his website but he obviously thinks that investors should be grateful for his attemts to save the program. However nobody knows, whether he is saving the program or simply stealing money! No one was warned and it looks like it is anyway a sign of closure of the project.

Investors now receive 0.5% instead of 5% and the next step will probably be something like the following email: due to the fact that investors began to panic and accuse us of deceiving, we are forced to close. That's how HYIP investing works. No one replies to emails sent to provided e-mail addresses on the website of Flexton and no one commented on the situation, although we tried to contact them. Of course, as always, we continue hoping that the administrator is seriously going to fight for the survival of his program and these measures are really temporary.

P.S. Do not forget that we are happy to publish signals and valuable information provided by our readers, investors and agents. Send it in any form convenient for you and at any time.

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