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I have been corresponding and having a dialog about deception and scams in HYIP industry with one of our regular readers for a while

I have been corresponding and having a dialog about deception and scams in HYIP industry with one of our regular readers for a while. The thing is that we can not say that HYIP industry is made up of lies. Despite the fact that nothing but fantasy of administrators hides behind most legends, it can not be considered deception unless it is proven otherwise. Consequently, it is not deception. It's more of a bluff. Take, for example, a program AGS Trade ( They have a money back guarantee. I got interested in the meaning of this feature so I sent them an email and they replied. Here is their response:

Our money back guarantee means if in any worst case we will have to close our online business then we will never go away until we return investor's funds completely. For example if an investor have got 10% of his capital as our daily or weekly interest and at this stage AGS Trade is closing their business then we will return remaining 90% capital to the investor. So investor will get his 100% money back and will never loose even a single cent overall.

Skeptics may say: it can't be true. And the reader, which I argue with about credibility in high-yield investment industry, would certainly consider it fair that I confirmed this statement. However, it is not necessarily a lie. It is common in HYIP industry to return funds after closure. Believe it or not, but some administrators really return part of funds before leaving.

It's true. And we are not talking about those projects that claim about refund during their "closure campaign" here and there. No. On the contrary, those programs most often do not return anything. However, among the administrators there are really those who believe it is normal to return some part of money when it is clear that it is impossible to continue.

The main condition of HYIP existence is the possibility that truth may be hiding behind any statement, promise or action. And the statement that AGS Trade makes is not a lie. It may well be true, and I gave an example of how and in which form, this true exists in high-yield investment industry.

UPDATE: Lease pay attention on this (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant) discussion, where you can find additions to the published information.

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