Updated: 05/31/2011 17:20
Hyip Monitor

The project SiliconValleyGroup has been moved to a scam list in our monitoring. It has a negative payment status on all reliable monitors and those that always display fake statuses did not surprise us this time as well because they keep displaying paying statuses for this project. You can see on a monitoring diagram of this project in our HYIP-list that the last payment was made on May 26. We requested our payment on Friday and it still has not been processed. We have also received reports from our readers about pending withdrawals which make us conclude that SiliconValleyGroup has scammed. The website is still online therefore do not make mistakes and do not invest!

The payment status of LionFunds is “onhold” now. Despite the fact that they keep paying us, they never reply to our emails and they never did. There are also many complaints from our readers informing that administration never responds and pays selectively. Having analyzed all facts, we figured out that apparently LionFunds keeps paying monitors and investors with small deposits and does not process payouts on large deposits. Considering these facts, LionFunds can't have a “paying” status at HYIPNews. Do not make deposits in this project.

is also on hold. The admin of this project joined HYIPNews, we made a deposit but they never started paying profit and they do not reply to our emails. The detailed analysis of this project makes us suspect that InnoProfit is a former EOSFund that paid us during two weeks and scammed. You should stay away from InnoProfit.

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