Updated: 05/31/2011 11:34
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A newsletter has been sent out by the admin of MAHIFund ( – one of the recently launched programs. It is already about to complete...

A newsletter has been sent out by the admin of MAHIFund ( – one of the recently launched programs. It is already about to complete the first cycle of it's shortest plan that offers 1%-1.5% for 15 days with principal returned (Mahifund has been online since May 16, 2011). However, there are some reports about pending withdrawals on forums, therefore Anuschka, the admin of the program sent out a newsletter explaining this fact.

The thing is that sometimes investors forget about the withdrawal minimum set by a payment processor AlertPay. It is $1 and it does not depend on the program you made your deposit in. There is no withdrawal minimum at MAHIFund which means that you can withdraw any amount you which via PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve, however because of AlertPay's rule you can not withdraw less then $1 if you use its services. For smaller amount requests, your payment will be placed in pending to be returned in your MAHIFund account.

As you can see, those alerts about pending withdrawals appeared due to this misunderstanding. Here is what Anuschka says: “Some customers noticed some bad post In forum like Talkgold about payments in pending, no processed instantly. As explained previously we cannot process with Alertpay a payment with an amount which is less than $1. All others request are processed instantly since the start.”

We also congratulate the winner of a testimonial contest at MAHIFund held last week. The customer who earned $100 deposit bonus is IndiHyip and his account has been already credited with $100 as promised. It is reminded in the end of the newsletter that you should feel free to contact the team of the program if you have any questions. MAHIFund is a professionally looking program and you should definitely take a closer look at it if you still haven't. MAHIFund offers three investment plans: 1%-1.5% for 15 days with principal back, 2%-2.5% for 25 days with principal back, 170%-180% after 30 days (principal included). Minimum deposit amount is 5 USD/EUR and maximum is limited to 50,000 USD/EUR in all plans.

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