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We have a fresh newsletter from WeltonTrust (weltontrust.com) for you. This program has been online for three months and has achieved stable growth...

We have a fresh newsletter from WeltonTrust (weltontrust.com) for you. This program has been online for three months and has achieved stable growth rate and user involvement. According to the legend of WeltonTrust, it is managed by a group of entrepreneurs engaged in high-yield offshore programs, managing several diversified investment pools. They offer you an opportunity to make 1%-1.35% daily for unlimited term. In the newsletter it is informed that many members ask the admin why they invest in Pool One if there is going to be Pool Two or Three (as told in the previous updates). Here is the answer:

“We divide funds under our management into pools of 10-20 mil. dollars each. Usually one pool is used to back one or two similar project. Current Pool One is used for several arrangements in the area of promissory notes. At the moment we have formed around 15% of our current Pool One.”

The start of Pool Two is scheduled for the end of 2011, and this pool will be most likely based on securities trading. Terms and conditions for this new pool are not formed yet, and you are welcome to make propositions regarding maturity term, compounding, and other features of the investment plan. By the way, the team of WeltonTrust is always open to your propositions about current improvements too. If you want another payment system (the currently accepted ones are LibertyReserve , PerfectMoney and bank wires) or you have other proposition, you should contact them.

As I've already mentioned, the basic investment plan offers fixed interest rates of 1.0%-1.35% daily for unlimited term (including weekends). Your profit can be withdrawn any time and it might take up to 24 hours to process your interest payment on weekdays. Payments are not processed on weekends. Your principal can also be withdrawn any time. It will take ten business days to process your request. For more information read a Presentation of WeltonTrust.

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