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The administration of UnicornInv (unicorninv.com) is glad to announce the six months anniversary of their project. This is a good result and...

The administration of UnicornInv (unicorninv.com) is glad to announce the six months anniversary of their project. This is a good result and UnicornInv is definitely among the programs that pay without delays, do not celebrate any “holidays” and therefore do not announce non-trading days and many investors who joined the project soon after its launch are making pure profit in one of the offered plans: 1% daily or 6% weekly with minimum deposit amount of $20 and maximum limited to $5,000.

The admin of the project Thomas Andersen and his team decided to launch a referral contest to celebrate the anniversary with you. It has been running for two days and will continue till the end of June. At the end of the contest five winners will receive cash prizes: 1st prize $500; 2nd prize $400; 3rd prize $300; 4th prize $200; 5th prize $100. If you want to receive such a great prize, you have to refer as many people to UnicornInv as possible and the won amount will be paid directly to your payment processor account.

However, there are rules which should be followed:

  1. All members of Unicorninv can take part in this contest. You do not need to have an active investment to participate.
  2. Only referrals who have active investments will be counted.
  3. Only referrals referred from May 30 till June 30 will be counted.
  4. You are not allowed to open accounts referring yourself.
  5. The winners will be announced during the first week of July.

As you can see, the administration of UnicornInv is more than generous offering such large amounts. I hope the promise will be kept and the winners will really receive their cash. As mentioned above, the project has been online for 180 days. According to the terms, the investment period is unlimited, however you can request your principal back after 180 business (!) days. Which will be in the same time frame as paying money to the winners of the contest. I suppose when UnicornInv pays the winners and starts paying principals to its members will be the time when we will confidently say that this is one of the most reliable programs!

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