Updated: 06/02/2011 10:56
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The administration of Primfix actively develops the project and posts all updates concerning its development, statistics and improvement. They also provide charts and graphs to demonstrate the current situation at Primfix and today we will take a look at recent events and news. Primfix has over 2000 registered members including those who made deposits on Primfix Lite. Derek informs that May was a very special month in the sports betting market, there were many big and profitable events including the UEFA Champions League final. It was a great month in terms of profit made and goals achieved for Primfix.

Besides, there are over $120,000 in deposits at the moment and the cash flow is amazing: Since we have a lot of money being deposited now, it's a lot easier to make arbitrage bets and that is what we are focusing in at the moment, we expect to minimize the risk involved in our bets in 5-15% from now and on. Many members asked how we don't get caught and we learned it with time. Now we place arbitrage bets among usual bets!

The total profit of Primfix was about 60% and Derek says: Some people may think that we made only enough to pay plan B profits but that is not true. Investments expired in the first weeks of May were paid using profits generated in the last weeks of April so we were able to pay all the profits and still have a positive cash flow. It might be a little confusing but Primfix makes more than you are offered which is great because they can place bigger and bigger arbitrage bets every month and still have a backup fund.

The team of Primfix also thanks you for great support and for helping promote the project. By the way, some new advertising tools were added for you, there are text links that are catchy slogans for Primfix. You can use them on those resources where you promote Primfix and they might help you get more referrals and get more referral commission. Also, keep checking an Ongoing Promotions page because a new promotion is going to be launched this week. If you have any questions, do not hesitate and ask them via live chat or by using support ticket system in either English or French.

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