Updated: 06/03/2011 15:59
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You have probably noticed that the project 1AutoPay ( has been removed from the list of paying programs at HYIPNews. If you take a look...

You have probably noticed that the project 1AutoPay ( has been removed from the list of paying programs at HYIPNews. If you take a look at a “Current Investment Cycle” diagram here, you will see that payments were regularly processed but the last one was received on June 1 (in case you still do not know how to use our monitoring diagrams read this article). Having analyzed the situation, we can make a conclusion that 1AutoPay started paying selectively on May 27 and apparently continued paying monitors so that they would continue displaying positive statuses.

This project is a scam now but the good thing is that the website of 1AutoPay is unavailable which means that even those investors who do not know about the problems won't be able to make deposits. And now let's try to figure out whether this project helped investors make money or not. 1Autopay had been paying for 133 days before payments stopped being processed. It offered four plans: 1% daily for 90 calendar days (min. $5), 2.25% for 90 calendar days (min. $200), 4% daily for 120 calendar days (min. $2,500) and 7% daily for 180 calendar days (min. $10,000). Principal was returned in first two plans. This means that many investors have made good profit and got their principals back in first two plans.

Those who invested in the third plan have also completed it and received 380% (!) of pure profit. Even though the fourth plan was not completed, it also brought great profit (although I doubt it that someone deposited this much). I believe we should not blame the admin for leaving because we all know that HYIPs do not operate forever and we all know that we risk investing in HYIPs. Therefore I think the admin of 1AutoPay is one of those who really helped many investors make money and the best thing is that he simply disappear and does not continue accepting deposits and deceiving people like the majority of admins does.

And those who took part in May promotion and invested more than they should have because they wanted to get a 50% bonus and are panicking now should never forget about the golden rule of HYIP investing: Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Let it be a lesson for them.

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