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EnzexFinance (enzexfinance.com) is one of those projects on websites of which you won't find a lot of updates, however they operate for a long time...

EnzexFinance (enzexfinance.com) is one of those projects on websites of which you won't find a lot of updates, however they operate for a long time and pay without delays. It has been monitored by HYIPNews for 210 days and has reached a 6th position in our catalog. And recently the administration of this project posted an update informing about the change of investment strategy and the start of trading on futures market.

“Being in a constant search of the alternative income sources, the management of the project Enzex Finance has taken a decision to start working on the futures market. In order to achieve effective work, we have developed the trading strategy, adapted to trading with oil futures.”

They say that futures market is very risky itself and it is hardly possible to achieve success on it without a system approach. The strategy developed by EnzexFinance is universal and makes it possible to lower risks to minimum at the expense of decreasing the interest rate, and at the same time it decreases the influence of the external factors at company's activity. The new strategy is being tested these days and is promised to be launched starting from the next month.

I suppose now we should wait for fresh information from them and for clarification of “decreasing the interest rate” point. By the way, the administration of Enzex Finance informs that all accounts which are kept inactive for 90 days will be deleted because they influence the daily voted percent. Considering this fact, they ask you not to create accounts you do not intend to use because they will influence the number of votes taken in consideration for daily percent modifying.

I remind you that EnzexFinance offers one investment plan with four sub-plans. The investment period is 180 business days. The interest rate is 1.2%-2.2% daily and depends on the amount of your deposit. If you wish to invest $50-$999, you will receive 1.2% daily; for deposits between $1000 and $9999 the interest rate is 1.5% daily; you will receive 1.8% daily for $10,000 - $49,999 deposits and 2.2% daily if you invest $50,000 and more. The principal is paid on expiry and deposits can be made via LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney.

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