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Hyip Monitor

Imo Funds (imofunds.com) 112% after 1 day or 126% after 2 days!
Magic Funds Ltd (magicfund.biz) 105-110% after 1 day or 112-125% after 2 days!
Invest For You (invest-for-you.com) 105-130% after 1 day or 111-180% after 2 days!
Stable Roi (stable-roi.com) 105-110% after 1 day or 115-125% after 2 days!
Invest 2 Gold (invest2gold.com) 107-125% after 1 day or 119-169% after 2 days!
More Invest Company (moreinv.com) 1%-1.5% on the period of 60-120 days!

Alix Fund (alixfund.com), Trade Daily Pro (tradedailypro.com), Genius Merchant (geniusmerchant.com), SexyHyip (sexy-hyip.com), Farm Investment (farminvest.org), Money Lux Power (moneyluxpower.com), TradeDailyPro (tradedailypro.com), BozaInvest (bozainvest.com), DPSInv Corporation (dpsinv.com), EBank-Profit (ebank-profit.com), Uksalespro (uksalespro.com), Wealthclub (wealthclub.tv), GeniusMerchant (geniusmerchant.com), ProfitVilla (geniusmerchant.com).

Actual - Bank (actual-bank.com) - not paying
Premium Invest Pro (premiuminvestpro.com) - not paying
ViscoCorp (viscocorp.com) - payments are delayed due to lack of administrator who has paid the profits.
ME Capital (me-capital.net) - not paying
ExEarning (exearning.com) - not paying
EarnoSphere (earnosphere.com) - selective payouts, closing of accounts

As we can see the number of not paying HYIPs is not big, it means that many investors are keep earning. Yes, the world of HYIP is unstable and when we have such week with small number of not paying programs we may say that this week is not bad! Anyway, if your program will get back to Paying status, please mail us and we will publish this information.

ElliteAlliance (elitealliance.net) shall improve the system of password recovery, as well as adding new methods of payment. Already added option of creating a deposit via bank transfer, as well as debit or personal card.
Condoraassetgroup (condorassetgroup.com) have included in its engine, the "authorization by IP address. AlfaForex (alfaforexfund.com) has added the ability to invest with AlertPay. Please note, that the commission for the investment using the AP is 5%

Profinwave (profinwave.com) Planning to create a new investing plan and also to add new ways of creating deposit.
MoneySwim (moneyswim.com) added an interesting marketing option. Now everyone can explore the inner world of the program even without a registration. For this purpose, a special demo account was created.

GulfReserve (gulfreserve.com) continues its competition on Facebook, which is - searching for answers to simple questions from the administration, with prizes of $ 10-20.
WeltonTrust (weltontrust.com) calculating 10% bonus to all deposits that were created before the 13th of June.

Good News.
During these days it became known that GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) has solved a problem that occurs while editing the contact data of user. Despite all the statements relating to delays in payments and missing payments of CyproReality (cyprorealty.com), the program runs as if nothing had happened and it seems that knows nothing about problems. Looks like there are no problems at all.

FastCapital (11 days), Helios Pay (8 days), Diamond Take (8 days), Ideas Profit (12 days), Tendica (19 days), Op - Ric (21 days), Profit - Reservation (42 days), 1AutoPay (112 days), 4FI (348 days), FXM Co (414 days), EarnVest (15 days).

I must admit, that in this survey we have two old programs down. They were paying pretty long time. I am sure that many investors have earned not bad money with these two HYIPs. Anyway, everything ends. There is no need to feel sorry, cause we all know the end of the story named “Investing in HYIP program”. Let’s think positive! There are many programs in our list and around the Internet. We gave only hot and important information about them. Our work is quite useful and fast and you may see the fastest reaction on HYIP programs work!

Agents Reports and Readers Questions.
I remind you that we are always happy to answer questions from our readers and to share everything that interests you. As you can see, recently among our audience began to form a group of professional investors who are constantly force us to improve and give our work special requirements.

So we'll continue to try to do everything we can, to improve the highly profitable industry. And in particular, to work with the recommendations and questions from readers. Moreover because very often we are aware of most problems and nuances of programs life. Here is one example.

“want invest to 5strade. is it pay? not paying status. Why?”
Because monitoring no longer do what they got to do. And in the chase for the benefit acting with the help of methods that can hardly be called honest. They add a program and give the status of NOT PAYING and blackmailing it. Sometimes, they add a program and if it does not pay them, put them in status NOT PAYING. We'll never know, what exactly has happened to 5strade.com, because the preparation of our material on this subject came to the dead-end - the administrator has stopped responding. However, if we will get an answer from him, we'll tell you about this case in details.

On this weekend - the fourth of July, were planned maintenance work of LibertyReserve - the most popular means of payouts and making payments in the sphere of high yield investment. As far as you understand, everything is fine.

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