Updated: 06/08/2011 12:38
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You should be aware of the fact that there is a scam program called WelchFund.com that uses monitoring icons of a program from our catalog WelchFund...

You should be aware of the fact that there is a scam program called Welch-Fund.com that uses monitoring icons of a program from our catalog WelchFund.com, among which you can find an icon of HYIPNews with paying status. This payment status is for WelchFund.com and we do NOT monitor Welch-Fund.com, which by the way offers ridiculously high ROI from 126% after 1 MINUTE to 2000% after 45 minutes. And if you click on forums' icons nothing will happen because those threads do not exist. Be careful and do not get confused.

Such situations happen in HYIP industry quite often and if you have been with HYIPNews for a long time, I'm sure you read about such cases. The first thing you should pay your attention to while looking at some program is offered investment plans. If you are not new to HYIP world, you know that interest rate offered by the above mentioned project is extremely high and this fact should make you close this website at once. However, many newbies do not know what the reasonable interest rate is, what to pay attention to, where to verify payment statuses (they might not even know about HYIP monitors), therefore it is very easy to scam them.

They are targets of admins who launch such programs and I'm sure that they receive deposits. We even know about the cases when investors were not newbies but made deposits in such projects thinking that $10 (or other relatively small amount) is not significant for them and thought about those programs like about lotteries (that even if there is a small chance to win, they should use it, because they might get 10 times more in just a couple of minutes). I hope you understand that it is impossible (!) to win in programs like Welch-Fund.com.

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