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The project EarnoSphere has been moved to a Waiting status at HYIPNews. The situation with this project is very ambiguous at the moment and there are...

The project EarnoSphere has been moved to a Waiting status at HYIPNews. The situation with this project is very ambiguous at the moment and there are more and more alerts from its members informing about blocked accounts and pending payments. We also received some complaints regarding this issue from our readers and here is one of them:

“i am a member of earnosphere, this hyip didnt pay my bonus at all. I have made wd request since last sunday evening (expiration date), I participate in starter plan. I have made $50 investment, I should got $57.50 in return. This profit never arrive into my LR acc.
Second, I cannot enter my account. I use the same pass as usual but still cannot opened. Earno has block my id (milsa2802) since monday evening.
I have also report to the admin, write email to george santee, write in their forum, nothing. No respon at all.”

As you can see, the admin of EarnoSphere does not process payments, blocks accounts and he also does not respond to emails. By the way, we were also informed that all members that complain on program's forum are banned without an explanation. We sent the admin an email with request to explain the situation with closed accounts and pending payments and now we are waiting for his response. The interesting thing though, is that all such accounts we know about were opened using LibertyReserve payment processor and none of them using AlertPay. Maybe, it is just a coincidence, or maybe the admin is afraid that AP would block his account because investors would start complaining and filing disputes at AP.

When these problems just started, he commented on the situation saying that some accounts were really blocked because those users were referring themselves. Of course, if you have $1,000 in your account, you can get good referral commission, but all investors know that their accounts would be blocked for that and I don't think someone would risk losing this much. However, despite all problems, the admin has recently sent out a newsletter announcing that AlertPay payments through credit cards will be available from June 12. He also announced the winners of the first stage of referral contest and the start of the second stage that will run from June 7 till June 17. Anyway, we are waiting for more reports from you and for response from the admin to make final conclusions.

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