Updated: 06/09/2011 16:27
Hyip Monitor
We received a warning alert from one of our readers regarding a project called . If you are thinking about making a deposit in this...

We received a warning alert from one of our readers regarding a project called If you are thinking about making a deposit in this newly launched project, read this article first. Here is an email we received:

“hey guys. i got robbed by i deposited 265$ and earned 319$ and requested withdrawal my withdrawal has been pending for 4 days the website is mainly paying hyip monitors only checkout their payouts they pay daily just to keep monitors saying paying at the start every1 was getting paid but now only monitors the same monitors 2 days in a row are getting paid while my request and probably others' are ignored i sent them a million emails but nothing would do please guys spread the news because their are so many new members depositing loads of money daily not knowing they wont get paid.”

We know about alerts from other investors too and having analyzed the situation, we can make a conclusion that a project WorldEarnFund pays selectively and only to monitors, as our reader says. You won't find any payment proofs from regular investors on forums. The situation is really dangerous because the program was just launched (7 days ago) and such new short-term projects (worldearnfund offers from 130% after 1 day to 2300% after 30 days) usually attract a lot of investors.

Another thing is that all monitors placed on “Rate Us” page display paying statuses, while those that display negative statuses are not mentioned, of course. I suppose, the administration will continue paying those monitors so that they would keep showing positive payment statuses and posting payment proofs for as long as possible, so that they could gather as much money as they can. Right now they do not respond to our and investors' emails and I doubt they ever will. Stay away from WorldEarnFund and help us spread this news, please. We are waiting for your alerts. It is very important to help other investors like this reader did, do not forget about it and let's help each other save our money.

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