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You know, we love interesting programs. And we are convinced that interesting programs have better prospects than standard and boring ones, which appear daily in the amount of several dozen pieces. Unfortunately, we do not spend much time for searching and analyzing these interesting programs and I hope that soon we will compensate for these omissions. And let's start right now.

As you understand, a project LionsSociety offers participation in business under the name of Flaxn. Initially, any deposit allowed you to make profit with projects of FlaxN network. Then it became possible to invest in real estate, in the so-called shares of FlaxReality. I described it in general terms. I think that the next week we will be able to come back and talk about this all in detail. Maybe we will even get to make historical information on this project. So, today we want to inform that the development of the concept of LS has reached a new level. Here's how it was announced in an official press-release:

“Lionssociety just offers at the memento LSonline (what gains return from FlaxHost, Flaxn, FlaxAds and Flaxpay) The unit cost $ 25 and retrun is around 1.4% -2.5% per week.”

That is, now you can be involved in Flaxn business by purchasing its shares. More precisely, units. However, there is also possibility to buy shares. Their price is much higher, but if you are an investor who invests such amounts, it is unlikely that you want to bother withdrawing payments every week. Here are shares, which are offered at LS online:

  • Consulting Shares. They cost about $1000 and let you earn 5% -10% per month. Payments are made twice a month, that is, every two weeks.
  • Provincial Share. They are more expensive and cost $2,500 per share. You will gain 25% after 3 months (after one month around 8% -15% returns).

All this is, of course, a bit difficult for the usual HYIP investing, but LS is not a usual HYIP project. They have been here for years and have come a long way. They skillfully use invested funds and continue striving forward. Of course, during this way they gained both supporters and opponents, but they surely deserve to get some extra attention. So, we will try to figure out what is what and to tell you about it. I hope you are intrigued.

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