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There is not much time have passed since our previous survey was published. Anyway, there are already many changes in the world of HYIP

There is not much time have passed since our previous survey was published. Anyway, there are already many changes in the world of HYIP have appeared. In this section you will see new programs for you to learn. You may sent us a mail if there will be some questions.

Audiva Traders
(audivatraders.com) 108% after 2 weeks or 131% after 4 weeks!
Build Invest Group (buildinvestgroup.com) 1.5-2.3% daily!
AlixFund (alixfund.com) 110-130% after 1 day or 135-165% after 2 days!
Trade Daily Pro (tradedailypro.com) 104-125% after 1 day or 114-180% after 3 days!
Fine Gold Gains (finegoldgains.com) 5.3% within 24 h, 125% - after 1 day, 160% afte 2 days!
Evo Income 4.3% after 24, 5% daily for 3 days, 6% daily during 7 days!

Time4Fund (time4fund.com), Live Money Pro (livemoneypro.com), Liberty 4 Liberty (liberty4liberty.com), Liberty Reserve-Explorer (libertyreserve-explorer.com), OCFund (ocfund.net), Quick-Gold (quick-gold.com), Dollar to Pay (dollartopay.com), Loyaldividend (loyaldividend.com), Maxima Learn (maximalearn.in), Golden Interest (goldeninterest.com), FXProfit Maker (fxprofitmaker.com), Eurex-Capital (eurex-capital.com), FineGoldGains (finegoldgains.com), FEOCash (feocash.com), Fast Lane Investment (fastlaneinvestment.com), Honest-Group (honest-group.net).

There are many programs appeared this week and we wish prosperity to all of them. Anyway, dear readers, do not forget that HYIPNews gives only hottest news you need in the form you like.

Invest For You (invest-for-you.com) - site offline, not paying
Invest 2 Gold (invest2gold.com) - not paying
Stable Roi (stable-roi.com) - not paying
Felix Earn (felixearn.com) - not paying
Deposit - Trade Group (deposit-trade.com) - site is offline
Prosperity Cause (prosperitycause.com) - not paying
Highway Profit (highwayprofit.com) - not paying

As we can see all these programs are quite new and there is a solid chance that is a temporary problems. Probably administration of these programs has not enough of experience. Anyway, everything can happen in the world of HYIP industry. do not forget that if your program will come back to normal sooner than our next professional review, please contact us!


ArtMoneyCraft (artmoneycraft.com) has announced about the temporary suspension of investments. The investment option will be renew till the next Monday(13 of June). It should be mentioned that this event will not have any effect on the usual work of the project.
BuildInvestGroup (buildinvestgroup.com) Today I want to announce about the opening of a project buildinvestgroup. We tried to contact them a few times and now it has happened. The project began to work on May 31 and it seems to us - one of the best long-term projects. Stylish design, live customer support and development. On the 9th of June, they added Live Chat. We're going to communicate.
AGSTrade has added AlterPay. Due to this even, soon it will be possible to invest with the help of bank transfers, credit cards etc. Looks like AlterPay becomes more popular each day, among HYIP projects.

Good News.
Last time we wrote that there were problems with payments in cyprorealty.com. If to be more concrete, they were accused of selective payments. In the last survey publication we already wrote that they are justified. Now, we have another great news. Admin is replying. To be more precise, the responsible person who signed as Eric Mook Support Stuff. I think now the problem can be exhausted. Especially, because the prosecutor of the project is not responding.

As for the information in this letter, Eric Mook said: "That is not true, we do not pay selectively. I dont know where you got that information from".

Hyip Technologies (91 days), Briline Limited (81 days), Begin Fund (31 days), Vayrom (28 days), RQ Investment (31 days), Finance Saving Fund (50), ExEarning (83), Earno Sphere (148 days), WISP (504 days)

As you can see today we have got many old programs closed. It is a bad news but who said that it's gonna be easy? In any case, I am sure that many investors have already earned enough in most of these programs. There are many new programs and there is no need to think negative. It is a not pleasant situation but with the help of HYIPNews you may earn twice more!

HYIP Forums.
There are many programs for you to chose. These programs have different e-currencies. One of the popular is AlterPay. You may read quite interesting topic about HYIPs and Alter Pay to know the situation better http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r268959-.html

One of the most popular questions after closing of any HYIP program is how to request for funds? Here is very useful topic with thoughts of many investors concerning this situation: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r327231-.html

HYIPNews is really popular source of information, we not only give the free info about most important things in the sphere of high yield investment but also give the opportunity to earn. Of course our investors are of different age and here is a not bad way to make money for students: http://goldentalk.com/t55487.html

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