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In the latest update ReProFinance promises to introduce something new to the investment market in the next working year. First of all, it is announced...

In the latest update ReProFinance promises to introduce something new to the investment market in the next working year. First of all, it is announced that program's clients will soon get an opportunity to use debit cards issued by ReProFinance company. Such Visa Electron card will make it possible for you to withdraw your profit in cash in any ATM worldwide. The administration of this project also plans to increase the number of members. They report that investors from more than 58 countries have deposits in ReProFinance and their aim is to attract investors from 90-100 countries:

“So, for example, very soon we will be ready to introduce new funds to the investors from developing countries which will be offered along with the existing investment products which became popular owing to small minimum deposits and huge profitability.”

In the next part of a newsletter the addition of a new qualitative service for investors who usually invest more than $10,000 is announced. The service will include rapid payouts, priority in bank wire transfers and regular bonuses assigned by administration to increase the loyalty of the very important clients. It is promised to be launched in the new business year. The administration reports that the number of such clients has increased from 8% to 24% over the past six months.

Also, due to the fact that the number of new deposits is constantly growing and the number of old deposit withdrawals decreases, the 30% fee for premature withdrawals was canceled. This measure will allow the administration to decrease the volume of the reserve fund, put money in turnover, and increase income in such a way.

By the way, do not forget that you can become a regional representative of ReProFinance. If you are interested in this opportunity, you should contact the administration, as they are still looking for more local representatives. They also plan to increase the number of traders, financial advisers and investment managers to increase the volume of trading and the turnover ratio of funds. The newsletter ends by the following words:

“Having passed a benchmark of 1 year lifetime, we understood that everything is just beginning and only trust and authority of our clients will allow us to continue building even more global business with new investment plans and new service next year.”

ReProFinance has recently marked its one-year anniversary and I'm sure you all noticed that it was improved a lot over the time of its operation. Let's hope all promises given in today's newsletter will be kept and this project will stay with us for a long time.

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