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Elevada Funds (elevadafunds.com) this project monitored on our site since 6 of June 2011. As each HYIP project online, this program has own legend...

Elevada Funds (elevadafunds.com) this project monitored on our site since 6 of June 2011. As each HYIP project online, this program has own legend published on the official site. It is said that Elevada Funds experienced in hedge funds investing since 2003. Focused on individual needs, ElevadaFunds carries the promise of a unique lifetime experience and a decent source of additional income opportunity. Also, on the official site we may find information that since 2003, this company has been investing in some of the premiere hedge fund organisations like Amaranth Advisors. Looks like there are only three persons in this company Pedro, Stephen and Rachael. These people know each other from college days and created Elevada Funds in 2003 only for their purposes. Then over a few years, they have started to accept funds from a selected group of offline clients.

Let's check the most important thing in each HYIP project. Without a doubts, it is investment plan. Elevada Funds has four investment plans to choose. There is no compounding option and principal is NOT returned, but percent of daily payouts is really not bad and life term of each plan is not big.

  • Plan 1 - Daily percent of payouts 3%, plan duration 60 calendar days. Min - max deposit: $10-$100000.

I must admit that it is the longest plan of all. Yes, you are right 60 days is the biggest period for investment in Elevada Funds.

  • Plan 2 - Daily percent of payouts 5%, plan duration 30 calendar days. Min - max deposit: $10-$100000.

As you can see the percent of payouts is higher and the plan duration is shorter.

  • Plan 3 - Daily percent of payouts 6.5%, plan duration 20 calendar days. Min - max deposit: $10-$50000.

In third plan the maximal investment sum has been changed and the duration of a plan become even more shorter. Anyway, the percent of payouts is also higher!

  • Plan 4 - Daily percent of payouts 10%, plan duration 11 calendar days. Min - max deposit: $50-$50000.

The life-term of the last plan is only 11 calendar days and it has the highest percent of daily payouts.

As we can see, it is quite unique strategy. There are no compounding, principal is not returned and the 1st investment plan is the longest one. It will be quite interesting to see will this strategy be effective or not after a certain period of time.

The second important thing after the investment plans in each HYIP project is the security level. It must be said that Elevada Funds has really not bad level of site security! SSL protection is provided by the Comodo Group and it is paid till 07.06.2012. As for the DDoS protection, it is also provided by the good source - Staminus Communications. As we can see Elevada Funds has done not bad preparations. And all investors may not be afraid of DDoS attack, at least in the nearest future. In general, the site is quite usual but comfortable. You may find everything you need on its pages.

Here is the third important thing for each investor type - communications. You may find Elevada Funds on twitter, e-mail or simply use a phone or Live Chat. The e-mail is support@elevadafunds.com and the phone number is +358 9 2316 5506 Also you may find the Elevada Funds address on the site: 12 Vaasankatu Helsinki,00500 Finland

As we can see the site is well prepared and the program has really unique investment plans. Anyway, it is always a good idea to count profit you may earn and the risk you may have. Thus, we wish you luck in investing and keep follow latest news of your favourite investment projects on our pages.

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