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From the very beginning we would like to show you new HYIP programs which appeared this week, since our last survey. All of them have different conditions and terms. We will show all of them. You will see the programs that already become visible to the wide auditory, and those HYIP programs that are just appeared online. Thus, you could see the tendency of HYIP programs development.

Summer Fresh (summer-fresh.net) - 105-% after 1 day or 130% after 5 days!
The Pro-Earn Investment (pro-earn.com) - 1.8-3% daily!
Pock Invest (pockinvest.com) - 25% - 20% daily during 5-7 days, 120% after 1 day
Special HYIPs (specialhyips.com) - 105-115% after 1 day, 115%-120% after 3 days
HYIPWsite (hyipwsite.info) - 2% daily, 107% after 20 days, 125% within 30 days.

There are not much of new programs appeared after our last survey. Looks like summer is not the best time to start HYIP. Anyway, only three days have passed, so follow our next survey on Tuesday because there are no doubts that situation will be changed in this or that way!

The following programs were compared on ECJ: UM Profit (umprofit.com) and Assured Depositary (assureddepositary.com)! There are only two categories where one of these program could win. Assureddepositary is fully protected with all of website security features and UM Profit is better in IP sensitivity detection while log in. In other categories these programs are almost the same.

OSWealth (oswealth.com) - not paying
Felix Earn (felixearn.com) - not paying

You are absolutely right! There are only two programs with problem status. Actually it is hard to say some conclusion about this situation. Of course it would be great thing to say something like Now lets invest in all programs or such situation means that tomorrow all of HYIPs will fall down but it may be quite unprofessional. Only two programs in problem status is a good news, indeed. Many investors will have a great weekend. Anyway, we all know that in the sphere of high yield investing everything can be changed within one day. So I would strongly recommend you to follow our survey next Tuesday. We wish that situation would be the same but we have to be ready to any situation in the world of HYIP. Follow HYIPNews and you will have the most powerful benefits - knowledge and information.

Events. UniTrust (unitrust-direct.com) decided to create phone verification of the account owner. The procedure is quite simple. After you will make a withdrawal request the unique PIN code will be sent to your cellphone in SMS. Then you should type this unique PIN code and only after this your withdrawal request will be proceeded. You may read about the additional security features in Security Center section after authorisation to your members area.

ProfInWave (profinwave.biz) has already published the result of referral contest. In spite of fact that during long period of time user with ID: 170 was a leader, we have a new winner user ID:714! Anyway, because these two participants have earned almost the same sum through referral system the administration of ProfinWave has decided to give $75 to user ID:170!
MAHIFund announced about new contest on the best opinion about the project. There will be three prize-winning places, each winner will have $100. The duration of this contest from 14 till 21st of June 2011.

Agents Reports and Readers Questions.
As you already know in this section of our survey we are trying give answers to our readers. Of course I mean the most frequently asked and interesting. Today we will give answers to many investors about TotFund (totfund.com) For example, here are two letters concerning TotFund:

hi hyipnews!!!! I cant reach the support service of TOTfund!!!! What is the problem?

Greetings dear HYIPNews.com! Thank you very much for you usual information, it always helps me and my friends to earn. Anyway, I have some problems with TotFund.com project. I simply have problems with reaching its mail support. What would you recommend? do I have some mail problems?

Dear investors and readers, please do not worry, you have no problems except one - administration of TotFund.com is not going to give you any support. So, for your own safety please stay away from this project. Because support is one of the main features of HYIP projects and when there is no support it means no help and guaranties for you dear investors and readers.

So, it is a really negative situation but quite usual for such projects where administration is unprofessional amateurs. FYI tot in German means dead. Who knew that such nasty parallel will be proven:)

Good News. In this survey we have got even two good news. Well, actually the one news with two participants, Lithuania Trade (lithuaniatrade.net) and Liberty 4 Liberty (liberty4liberty.com) are back to normal work. If to analyze the whole situation during this week, we may say that it is quite not bad. the number of not paying projects is really small, only two and we got two programs back to paying.

Closures. OSWealth (28 days), Prestige Hyip (15 days), RichieFund (14 days), ME Capital (71 days), Inv Financial Fund (31 days), Magic Fund Ltd (10 days), Golden Interest (9 days), Deposit - Trade Group (17 days), Canada Daily (45 days), EvoIncome (9 days).

There are not much programs closed this week. And as you can see all of them worked for not long period of time. Of course it is always sad when program is going away but the highest term of closed program is 45 day and it means that it was not so popular to cheat many people who is trying to earn.

E-money. The developing is always good news. Looks like AlterPay has decided to add something new to its service. So now SandBox is available in AlterPay! The Sandbox is used as a fully functional testing environment where developers, webmasters, business services, or people with coding/scripting knowledge can play. With the Sandbox you can sign up for buyer or seller accounts, test features and even integrate a Buy Now button onto your website. Without a doubt, it is a really good invention of AlterPay.

HYIP Blogs.
This information will be useful for the IPhone users. Kaspersky Lab has developed an app for the iPhone to allow users to fight blocker programs that restrict the access to PCs. http://ecommerce-journal.com/news/48371_kaspersky-unblocks-users-pcs-without-paying-scareware-scammers

HYIP Forums.
You dont need much to become online investor. PC, Internet connection and e-money will be enough. Anyway, what do you need to become a really good investor? Here is the useful thread for you to learn http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r26315-.html

We have said many times that communication is really important. Of course if communication faster and much more comfortable than others it becomes more popular. It is a good idea to communicate with the help of Twitter. Please check this thread to see how many investors are using it and probably you will find new friends here: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r280864-.html

What can be more important than your money protection? Of course you are worth of getting the best DDoS protection. But what is the best DDoS protection service? How to understand, program is using reliable DDoS protection or not? In this useful article you will find answers to these questions http://www.dreamteammoney.com/index.php?showforum=1016

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