Updated: 06/21/2011 10:21
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Last week we announced that we would pay more attention to the projects, the names of which begin with four letters Flax. These guys, namely Lea Gao, are trying to do something extraordinary and seriously impact on the high-yield industry. I think they are succeeding in this desire. For several years they have been doing work which makes it possible for everyone to earn, but also to track particular trends, certain phenomena in HYIP. I think there is no need to say why knowledge of the laws of the market is so useful to investors.

During the long years of its operation, Flaxn (and LionsSociety, as its investment component) has experienced a lot of changes. Some day we will write a detailed post about its history and will mention each step in it. For now, it is enough to say that Flaxn Network is constantly changing and developing. Their changes and development is one of the benefits on which they relied, and which seems to be working.

Just recently LionSociety, which is one of the investment trends of Flaxn, started having problems. There was a need to reorganize the flow of capital and mobilize efforts. A decision in this case was a new stage of development of Flaxn.

It's called FlaxTeam. Within the next week FlaxTeam will be fully launched and we will be able to talk about it in detail. The idea is to attract investors to Flax and to share profit with them. More precisely, not profit but earned money. In fact, the idea is to create a comprehensive affiliate program related to all projects of Flaxn Network. Yes, yes: FlaxHost, FlaxAds, Flaxpay.

A referral commission is 20%. That is, for promoting this project on any of the trends, you will get 20% of income. At the moment, all necessary documents and materials are being prepared in order to provide them to those who wish to earn. As always in Flax, despite the reason of appearing of FlaxTeam, everything looks very inspiring and encouraging. We are looking forward to see the results.

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