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Each day the situation is changing, in the world of HYIP. Our team gives you the hottest information for you to learn. It is obvious that if your program was closed Yesterday, then today you are free to choose the new one and keep earning. In the first part of our survey, we will give you HYIP programs which have opened this week!

Income Acquisition
(income-acquisition.com) 2.4-4% daily!
Traincome (traincome.com) 105-130% after 1 day or 116-200% after 3 days!
Cos Earn (cosearn.com) 105-120% after 1 day or 111-150% after 2 days!
Secure Return (secreturn.com) 117-120% after 5 days or 140-145% after 10 days!
Peak Earn (peakearn.com) 105-125% after 1 day or 117-190% after 3 days!
Gold Trade (gold-trade-inv.com) 103-140% after 1 day or 150-180% after 5 days!
Profit Capitalism (profitcapitalism.net) 105-108% after 1 day or 112-115% after 2 days!
InvestaFunds (investafunds.com) 104-900% after 1-14 days!
E-Land (e-land.us) 19% for 7 days up to 450% after 20 days!
ProfitCapitalism (profitcapitalism.net) 105-108% after 1 day up to 155-158% after 6 days!
WindFund (windfund.net) 150% after 8 days or 12% daily for 12 days!

Trader Finance Group (tradefinancegroup.eu), HYIPW Site (hyipwsite.info), Special HYIPs (specialhyips.com), SummerFresh (summer-fresh.net), Every Day Earnings (everyday-earnings.com), Daily Forex Fund (dailyforexfund.com), Hourly Daily Profit (hourly-daily-profit.com), Rapid Funds (rapid-funds.com), LiProfit (liprofit.com), HYIP Funds (hypfunds.com), Real FX Club (realfxclub.tk), Forex-Finans (forex-finans.net), UltimateFunds (ultimatefunds.biz), Summer Flow (summerflow.com), InvPulse (invpulse.co.cc), MXPercent (mxpercent.com), PlusPayProduct (pluspayproduct.com), JuniorFunds (juniorfunds.com), WellKnownFund (wellknownfund.com), SecreTurn (secreturn.com), Cosearn (cosearn.com), EwalletFunds (ewalletfunds.com), Orex Motor (orex-motor.com), Cash4Pay (cash4pay.net).

Also, you are welcome to check two programs compared on ECJ: MoneySwim (moneyswim.com) and Corraliva. MoneySwim company has won only two categories - Whois information and Referral system. Thus, Corraliva is the total winner. Of course, there was a category without a winner Contact Information, both programs have equal options of contact methods.

UM Profit - not paying
Proinv Money - not paying
LPL Financial - not paying
Invest For You - not paying
Yova Fund - not paying
Mfs Trade - not paying
IShareFX - site is offline
Audivatraders - pending withdrawal

Well, guess that investors of these projects are really upset but there is no need to worry yet! Sometimes, HYIP programs are having problem status due to the different reasons and on the next day or even hour they are back to normal work. As for the Audiva Traders company (audivatraders.com) they have waiting status because of pending withdraw. So, be careful and usually such situations are easy to solve and sometimes not. As you can see HYIPNews is giving you the hottest information and if your project will get back to normal till our next survey, you may contact us and we will write about it!

Events. Summer Fresh (summer-fresh.net) has decided to upgrade the communications with clients. Everybody knows that communication in the world of HYIP programs is very important and looks like Summer Fresh company knows about it. So, they have added phone support: RUS - +3 (705) 203 24 01 and USA - +1 (646) 918 84 39 You may contact the phone support from Monday till Friday! It is a really good news cause now investors may ask their questions in the form they prefer.

Pro-Earn (pro-earn.com) has added the Live Chat support. It is a really good news, especially for the investors who used to explore the program first, before the investing. I must admit that HYIPNews team was trying to reach support of Pro-Earn, we have contacted the administration of this project and they promised us that Live Chat will appear within 10 days. It was honest promise! So now you can use Live Chat to communicate with the support team of Pro-Earn company!

Agents Reports and Readers Questions.
We continue to receive signals from our agents and letters from our readers. As always, answers and comments on the most significant of these emails, you can find here.
Here is the first signal, which reflects a common situation in high yield industry. The author of this letter Robert. Robert is writing:

Hi, I recently invested some money on a website named "InvestOffshore.net. Blythewood & Associates. Does any of that ring a bell? They pay out certain percentages daily for 10 days. I did a test for a low amount of money and they were paying out. But then i invested $510.00 over 2 days ago and have not received my first payment, and they stopped returning my emails a while ago. Have you ever heard of them?

No, we have not heard anything about this project and could not hear. Because this project is hollow. It was created in order to obtain large investments. Profit on large deposits is not paid. Scammers, which operating on such strategy are not interested in appearance on the pages of HYIPNews.com. Simply because we won't let them to scam people. Please note that you will not be able to find information about these guys, if you try to collect it. Actually, most all programs that are worth of your attention, one way or another are mentioned on pages of HYIPNews.com.

Also, you may always contact us via Live Chat. We are online almost each day so and you could have the appropriate recommendation on Invest Offshore (investoffshore.net)

Dear investors and visitors we already wrote many times about danger that comes from OSWealth (oswealth.com) program! Anyway, the site is still working and many investors are keep giving their money away. For example here is the letter from one of our readers: http://oswealth.com ( SCAM SITE) Cheated with me, stolen $ 100 LR

Dear reader, sorry to say but your money is lost. This program is keep cheating investors for many weeks, already. We are really hope that all prudent investors are checking programs with the help of news search on the site of HYIPNews.com! Be careful dear investors and do not be upset, we will help you to earn and you will feel more secure with the help of the HYIPNews team!

Closures. BOZAInvest (15 days), Felix Earn (21 days), Highway Profit (297 day), Israel Forex (29 days), Intrinsic Investment (8 days), Fine Gold Gains (12 days), FlexTon (flexton.biz).

E-money. AlertPay has announced about free online payments to India! Now, customers of this e-currency in India, can send online payments for free. So, users may receive unlimited funds in their AlertPay e-wallet and keep it there for indefinite time. AlertPay account holders are free to send it to friends and family, make online purchases for goods and services or withdraw it by bank wire or even check. Looks like AlterPay has done a really good option for the Indian customers. It is obvious that this e-currency is always trying to work hard to have respect of its clients!

HYIP Blogs.
Today the Internet has become main source of...everything! We are sitting online 80% of a day time. There is no surprise that this situation has negative effect. You will be surprised after reading this article! http://ecommerce-journal.com/news/48394_internet-leads-brain-deterioration

HYIP Forums. Of course we are all here trying to earn money online. It is really good when you can earn enough money for living, while working online. Anywa, lots of us have their offline jobs. It is an interesting topic for you to read, where you can find personal information about offline jobs of online investors: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r330370-.html
Today the number of HYIP programs is really high. All of them have different investment plans. You are welcome to read opinions of many online investors, to investment plans of HYIP programs these days. http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r331726-.html

Freelancer is another method of making money online. Of course if you dont know about this thread will be useful. Well, I must admit first that working as a freelancer is much harder than earning with the help of HYIP programs. Anyway, there is no risk at all! http://goldentalk.com/t55405.html

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