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The world of HYIP has one negative feature - unpredictability. Anyway, it has one positive feature - HYIPNews. We are always giving you hot information on everything related to the sphere of high yield investing, as you can see our information is actual and with the help of HYIPNews you can not only earn but, what is even more important, learn how to invest.

The reason is simple - we are trying to give as much of possible information in the form which will let you to control your investments and choose. That is why we will begin with variants which appeared on the market of high yield investments during last three days.

EAutoInvestment (eautoinvestment.com) 120% after 5 days, 145% - 10 days, 170% after 15 days
Forex In Traday ltd (forexintradayltd.com) 1.3% up to 2.2% daily!
True Profits (trueprofitz.com) 22%-11% per 7-30 days. 175%-320% after 7-30 days.
Denex Invest 108-130% after 1 day or 2-4% hourly!
Forex IntraDay Ltd (forexintradayltd.com) 1.3-2.2% daily!
Asia Public Finance (asiapublicfinance.com) 1-2.5% daily or 7% weekly!
IntelliCapital 3.4-4.5% daily!
Cos Earn (cosearn.com) 105-120% after 1 day or 111-150% after 2 days!
Traincome (traincome.com) 105-130% after 1 day or 116-200% after 3 days!
Ultimate Funds (ultimatefunds.biz) 23-30% daily for 5 days!

Orange Bucks (orangebucks.com), SufeMoney (sufemoney.com), Top Capital (top-capital.com), EasyDollarsGrowth (easydollarsgrowth.com), Hourly Cash (hourlycash.biz), Money Real (money-real.com), TrueWealthAlliance (truewealthalliance.com), Drantex (drantex.com), City Trade (citytrade.biz), Take Instant Profit (take-instant-profit.com), NusaTrade (nusatrade.com), RoiInCapital (roiincapital.com), FlyYield (flyyield.com), WinterEst (winterest.biz).

Lets check the details of one new program we have this week: Pam Group (pam-group.biz ), for example, is a new and progressive company. Your profit depend on the companys income. Buying its shares you will receive a part from profit. But you will not get less than 0,1% and not more than 2,5% per working day. With the help of referral program in Pam Group you will have 5% bonus from amount that was invested with the help of your referral link. You may use Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money e-currencies to invest in this project.

There are another two programs programs compared on ECJ this week: Flix Finance (flix-finance.com) and Global FXTraders (globalfxtrades.com) Flix-finance wins in 3 categories while Gft wins in 5 categories. So the winner is Global FXTraders comapny. Congratulations!

Welch Fund Inc - not paying
Walwex - not paying
Hyip Technologies - not paying
Forex 4 Profits - not paying
Flexton - not paying
Savings - Fund - not paying
Mahi Fund - not paying
Inplado Finance - not paying
Allah Gold - not paying
Forex - 247 - not paying
GensFund - not paying
Cube Funds - not paying
Summer - Fresh - not paying
Daily Forex Fund - not paying

Audivatraders has problem with pending withdrawals and the same situation with WelchFunds. Anyway, usually if project has decided to work further the problem with pending withdraw will be solved within one day or even faster!

In the end of this week the number of HYIP programs with problem status has increased. Of course we may say that it is because of Summer time, but if to think twice it is a usual situation in the world of HYIP investing. Some programs are gone some are staying for a really long term. My point is that there is no need no be upset there are many other projects where you will become lucky. Of course if you are trying to earn alone by yourself it will be hard. That is why hot information of HYIPNews is giving you knowledge and in our list of HYIP programs all statuses are actual and reliable!

Events. Gorgon Project Invest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) has announced that there were no mails from the company concerned additional funds that investors should send. Of course that fake mails is old trick but you should check each information constantly. GP Invest has said that all e-mails will come from a Gorgon Project Invest e-mail account (support1@gorgonprojectinvest.com) NOT a gmail or hotmail account. So, dear readers just be careful!
InvestaFunds (investafunds.com) has solved situation concerned delays with payouts and continued to pay. The administration justified such delay with lack of time to process all requests manually, as well as the necessity of normal human sleep. Of course there is no need to worry when HYIP program is not paying for 24 or even 48h there are many reasons for such situation may be. Anyway, the administration gave honest promise and kept a word!

Agents Reports and Readers Questions.
We continue to receive signals from our agents and letters from our readers. As always, answers and comments on the most significant of these emails, you can find here. Here is a email we have received recently from our constant reader:

Greetings,! ewalletfunds.com and tradefinancegroup.eu are the same. Is it one scam project?

Dear reader, we have sent them question about it but there were no answers. It is not a scam for sure, its just a cheap program that using simple and unreliable script. This fact, that it is cheap and not reliable program is proven by the fact that they are not responding to our mails. Thus, the risk of investing in such projects is really high! Anyway, it doesnt mean that they will not pay for some short period of time. As you can see we are always trying to help our readers. And it is obvious that if program doesnt want to communicate with us and investors there is something wrong and smells badly!

Closures. BMFN (275 days), Casino - Gain (22days), Fast Lane Investment (13days), Gold Trade (4 days), UM Profit (152 days), Lion Funds Inc (209 days), Mfs Trade (10 days), Yova Fund (14 days)

E-money. Recently, AlertPay has announced that now it supports bank transfer deposits for customers in Germany. Also bank transfers and withdrawals for clients in Switzerland and New Zealand! Without a doubt AlterPay has widen its territory, it is a simple logic each kind of business, the more clients you got the better profit you will have!

HYIP Blogs. When your account become hacked, it is a really bad thing. Anyway, this week website of NATO was hacked. I even dont know what to say. If such level of site owners can not guarantee security what is left for us? You are welcome to read the details here: http://ecommerce-journal.com/news/48425_nato-website-was-hacked

HYIP Forums. Yes, HYIPNews is very popular and one of the best informational sources concerning high yield investments. We have large auditory and always take care about our clients and visitors, Anyway, you are welcome to help a newbie here: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r331596-.html

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