Updated: 06/24/2011 16:49
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The project WelchFund ( is now in a scamlist in our monitoring. The status is NOT PAYING and deposits in this project are not...

The project WelchFund ( is now in a scam-list in our monitoring. The status is NOT PAYING and deposits in this project are not recommended anymore. We found out about the problems when we received an alert from one of our regular readers who provided us the access to his account where there were pending withdrawal requests. However, this project continued paying monitors and we received our payments. So right after that alert we contacted the admin of this project, however we did not receive a response. There are also many warning reports on forums which unfortunately confirm the fact that WelchFund is not paying anymore. It is too bad but this program that operated for a full year is done. Do not invest in it and tell others.

Walwex ( is making selective payouts. The admin of this program continues paying monitors and you can see also their payment proofs on forum. However, many regular investors who deposited large amounts do not receive their payments. The admin also does not reply to emails and we are still waiting for the answers to our questions regarding the current problems. Walwex turned out to be a long-liver too. It has been operating for 288 days and lots of investors are in profit. Please do not invest until everything is clear with Walwex. For now it has an Onhold status.

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