Updated: 06/27/2011 10:31
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The story of Corraliva ( seems to be over. In our latest news about this project (read here ) the admin promised to redesign Corraliva ,...

The story of Corraliva ( seems to be over. In our latest news about this project (read here) the admin promised to redesign Corraliva, however it was not done. Then he issued another update promising to upgrade to a new design and script: “We will bring the website down for a couple of hours in order to upgrade it to a brand new design and script. We thank your patience and hopefully you will enjoy the new look of Corraliva”.

And the latest newsletter from Corraliva was telling investors a “sad” story about delayed payments which can be hardly considered to be true: “If you may have noticed, withdrawals have been delayed because I was on a business trip and my partner who was supposed to send payments did not do it because he had lost access to the administrator panel, sad story but true. Anyways, withdrawals will be processed tomorrow morning EST Time (-05:00) If you have any question or feedback, please send me an e-mail at”

Do you believe that it's true? We don't. Payments were not processed as promised and you can see from the monitoring diagram of Corraliva that we received our last payment on June 23. The website is now unavailable, payments are not processed, therefore this project got a negative payment status at HYIPNews. The good thing is that even those investors who don't know about the problems of Corraliva won't be able to make a deposit in this project because it is gone and most likely will not return.

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