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In this section you will read about new HYIP programs appeared from our previous survey. All of them are new and ready to be analyzed by you. We hope that many of these programs will appear on our monitoring list soon, because in this way you will see the actual program status and will read news and other details concerning programs activity.

Forex Itrade (forex-itrade.com) 12%-32% daily for 10 calendar days!
Loan For People (loan-for-people.com) 112%-280% after 1-10 days!
Winterest (winterest.biz) 105-120% after 1 day or 117-180% after 3 days!
Sufe Money (sufemoney.com) 108-150% after 1 day!
Hyper Compound 1.5-4% daily!

Special Profit (specialprofit.com), ResellMetals (resellmetals.com), PammPertner (pammpartner.com), EksTrade (ekstrade.com), InProcess (in-process.biz), 4Expros (4expros.com), StableDollar (stabledollar.com), FantasyProfit (fantasyprofit.com), CapitalEarn (capitalearn.com), Richesgain (richesgain.com), IC-Melissa (ic-melissa.com), TimeIsMoneyInv (timeismoneyinv.com), SafeCash (safe-cash.com), SunTrade (suntradecorp.com), BitHyip (bithyip.com), RndShare (rndshare.com), NoixFund (nioxfund.com), Maxi-earn (maxi-earn.com), MentalMoney (mentalmoney.org.in).

All these programs are presented on our informational survey as information for you to learn. Keep in mind ,that we recommend to work only with programs which are fits to your vision and strategy. Yes, some of them will be in our list on HYIP programs and we will do everything to give you as much information as you will need about these projects.

Possible Money Making - not paying
FX Co Plus - not paying
Profit Rainbow Ltd - not paying
Proinv Money - not paying
LPL Financial - not paying
Genius Merchant - not paying
Income Acquisition - not paying
Mx Percent - not paying
Secure Return - not paying
Ultimate Funds - not paying
IntelliCapital - not paying
Denex Invest - not paying
Build Invest Group - not paying

As for the EAutoInvestment (eautoinvestment.com) this program was offline recently and now the site is back to normal. Anyway, many monitoring sites are still showing WAITING status. So, be careful.

It is a usual situation when HYIP program has some kind of problems. There can be many reasons for this. DDoS attack, problems with e-currency, single payout delay for some reason etc. All I want to say is that there is no need to worry, sometimes HYIP projects are getting back to normal and if your project will have PAYING status earlier than our next survey, please tell us by email or Live Chat. Lets hope for the best!

Events. BranTonsGroup (brantonsgroup.com) has added Bank Money Transfer option. All you need is to log in and click on the Deposit section then chose Bank Wire. There you will see the form which you have to fill in with the concrete data. After this, you will receive a email with the further instructions. Of course BankWire is a great option which speaks about serious expectancies of admonistration. AlphaForex anounced that the system updating is almost over. The only thing that is left is DNS but during 24h the problem will be solved. Anyway, site may be unavailable during this time.

Nano Energy Project (nanoenergyproject.com) has added the ability to open a deposit by means of payment systems LIQPAY and WEBMONEY. The deposits will open with the help of operators online or through the feedback form. Also, Nano Energy Project is now available in Russian. Looks like they have many investors from Russia and these actions are made to create cooperation more comfortable for the clients.

Fxcoplus (48 days), Investa Funds (9 days), E-land (8 days), Secreturn (8 days), TrueProfitz (6 days), Corraliva (15 days), Cube Funds (14 days), GensFund (14 days), UM Profit (156 days), Savings - Fund (54 days)

There is only one closed program that has worked over 100 days. It is not pretty not bad result cause it means that there are many old programs are keep paying to the investors and as you can see in the HYIPNews monitoring list of HYIP programs, there are many of such long paying programs.

HYIP Blogs. It is a well-known fact that each HYIP program will be closed some day. Anyway, the HYIP programs are not only online there are also scammers in real life. For example, vice president of Citigroup was arrested by FBI and charged with $19 million fraud: http://ecommerce-journal.com/news/48442_vice-president-citigroup-charged-19-million-fraud

HYIP Forums. Have you ever thought what is HYIP Industry as a whole? Everything has its scheme and HYIP Industry is not an exception. Of course you have your own thoughts about it, then why not to share with professionals here: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r331194-.html

We are earning money online because of different reasons. For someone it is a constant money flow and for someone it is just additional way of money earning. You are welcome to read different opinions and say about your position here: http://goldentalk.com/t55613.html

Each of us is using Internet browser, I am sure that there are different reasons to use IE, Opera, Mozilla etc. Anyway, today we want you to learn all the advantages and disadvantages of the latest version of Mozilla FireFox here: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r332105-.html

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