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Dear readers, today we are glad to present you a new project appeared on our monitoring list since 06232011. Hyper Compound (hypercompound.com) is...

Dear readers, today we are glad to present you a new project appeared on our monitoring list since 06-23-2011. Hyper Compound (hypercompound.com) is an independent investment company. Due to the legend on the official site this company was founded in June, 2006 and company is known as an active participant in the high yield market. It occupies one of the highest places on the volume of transactions and operations in all major stock exchanges and OTC areas. Anyway, the domain name was registered on 30/03/2011 and it is paid till 30/03/2016. Hyper Compound appeared online recently and has many interesting features to discuss. So, dear readers let’s see all advantages and disadvantages of this investment project.

First of all let’s check the investment plans of Hyper Compound project. The whole investment system has unique structure of 10 levels and you are welcome to learn it:

Investment Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Base Interest 1.50% 1.60% 1.71% 1.85% 2.00% 2.16% 2.35% 2.55% 2.77% 3.00%
Minimum Amount 1 100 200 500 1000 2000 5000 10000 20000 50000

Bonus Interest 0%-1% To All!

Let’s sum up! There are 10 investment levels which depend on deposit amount. Your investment level will change automatically when you reach next level's minimum deposit amount either by adding funds to Your account or by using compounding feature (reinvest). The investment plan duration for the new clients 100 business days. During these 100 business days bonus interest paid will raise every business day by 0.01% until it reaches 1%. After 100 business days you can request principal return anytime without any fee. For example, if you had invested $1000 with Hyper Compound for 80 days, and request principal return, the fee will be 20%. As you have already noticed there is a Bonus Interest, let me explain to you how it works. After the first investment has been made, bonus interest is 0% and will grow every business day by 0.01% until it reaches 1% . In example, investor which had been investing with us for 70 days, will have 0.7% bonus interest rate. please, keep in mind that interest is paid on business days only!

To invest in Hyper Compound you may use Liberty Reserve or Perfect Money, also Bank Wire transfer option is available. If you need to use any other not listed deposit methods, please contact support department for personalized solution. To earn additional income you may use affiliate program. Anyway, the affiliate program is also unique You receive referral commissions not only from the clients directly invited by you (1st level - 8%), but also from their referrals (2nd level - 3%); besides, you receive commissions from the referrals, who were invited by the referrals, invited by you directly (3rd level - 1%). There is no maximum and no minimum in the payments of referral commissions.

Now, let’s see the security level of the Hyper Compound company. There are no doubts, that this project is well prepared for any kind of negative situation! SSL protection is provided by Comodo Group and it is paid till 16.06.2012 The DDoS protection belongs to Staminus communications. As we all know these two companies are real professionals and worth of our respect! Nevertheless, the whole site of Hyper Compound is looking good. The unique design and it is quite comfortable for the investors.

Anyway, if you have any questions you are free to ask HYIPNews or simply contact Hyper Compound! There are many methods to contact this project, for example by email: hypercompound@yahoo.com or phone: +1 (530) 554-9737

There is also address of the company on the Contact Us page:
1st Floor Allied Plaza, Francis Rachel Street

P.O.BOX 1289,Victoria,Mahe

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