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There is another lucky investor of the month at ReProFinance ( This time Mr. Vincent Kenny from Australia (Login ID: A09917) was...

There is another lucky investor of the month at ReProFinance ( This time Mr. Vincent Kenny from Australia (Login ID: A09917) was randomly chosen by software of the program. It is reported that $1,000 has been transferred to his account and Investor of the Month Certificate has been mailed to his mailing address.

This Investor of the Month program started on February1 and was offered for private investors only (corporate clients and monitors can not participate). Another requirement is to have at least $100 as active deposit. Every investor of ReProFinance who meets the requirements automatically becomes a participant and each $100 increases chances to win. The winner is chosen randomly and receives $1,000 to his account available for immediate withdrawal. The bad thing is that there is no way to contact those five winners who have allegedly received $1000 each.

The administration of ReProFinance also reports on LibertyReserve temporary deposits problems: “All your payments to our LibertyReserve account are received, and will be added to your ReProFinance accounts within 12 hours. This is so due to LibertyReserve internal API problems.”. The admins of NEOProgress, Powerful-Strategy, Macrotrade and AGS Trade have also informed about the same problem but there haven't been any comments from LibertyReserve yet.

P.S. We received questions from some readers regarding the new plans of ReProFinance (because the administration of the project was ignoring those people), so you should all keep in mind that new terms apply only to new deposits. All deposits made before the introduction of new plans will receive the old interest rate (read more about the new plans in our news).

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