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Today we have the another informational survey closely related to all sectors of HYIP area. If it is first survey you read, then you should know that we are publishing such useful information about the world of HYIPs twice a week. each of our surveys is divided to many useful categories. For example in the first section you will see all new programs appeared since our last informational survey on Tuesday. Keep in mind that all of them are place only for your information we recommend to work ONLY with the programs which are in our monitoring list. The reason is simple - we have tested the work of the program and receiving profit. Of course it is only up to you invest or not but it is always better to learn as much as possible about any kind of project. And that is what we do!

Fx Landiar (fxlandiar.com) from 2% up to 5% daily!
Genius Income (genius-income.com) from 1.2% up to 2.2% daily!
MaFinance 125% after 5 days up to 300% after 20 days!
Rnd Share (rndshare.com) 111% after 1 day or 135% after 3 days!
Safe-Cash (safe-cash.com) 107-124% after 1 day or 115-149% after 2 days!
Top1Fund (top1profit.com) 110-150% after 1 day!

NanoEarn (nanoearn.com), LowRisk (low-risk.us), HourlyGain (hourlygain.com), McB Fund (mcbfund.com), ForexOrbit (forexorbit.com), GSS Investments (gssinvestments.com), Uni Primes (uniprimes.com), Oil Groups (oil-groups.com), Trade Life Time (tradelifetime.com), SpeedyHourly (speedyhourly.com), Golden Income (golden-income.com), FinanceForexWorld (financeforexworld.com), ShuFinance (shufinance.com), Money Grow (moneygrow.t15.org), MoneTaryOasis (monetaryoasis.net), BingoForex (bingo-forex.com), CashGainInvest (cash-gain-invest.com), The Lotus Funds (thelotusfunds.com).

Mick Investment - not paying
Trust Budget - not paying
Hot Hourly - not paying
EAutoInvestment - not paying
Peak Earn - not paying
Easy Dollars Growth - not paying
Capital Earn - not paying

Detailed information about EAutoInvestment (eautoinvestment.com). If to take a look at the programs work history, we may find that on 27.06.2011 they were offline, yesterday they came online and today they are back to offline again.

The number of programs with problem status is lesser than in the beginning of this week. It is a really good news, indeed. Also, you should remember that usually programs are getting back to normal work within one day or even a few hours. Well, if program you are in will solve its problems earlier than our next informational survey on Tuesday, please send us e-mail or you can simply contact us via Live Chat!

Good news. This week we have got two programs which are keep paying to its clients Genius Merchant (geniusmerchant.com) and Income Acquisition (income-acquisition.com)! What can be better than to see your program solving problems and keep paying to you and other investors? HYIPNews wishes all the best to the administrators of these two programs and happy for the clients which are keep earning!

Events. ReproFinance, NeoProgress, MacroTrade and AgsTrade faced the same problem related to Liberty Reserve. The problem is in SCI (Shopping Cart Interface) of Liberty Reserve. Due to this situation all investment and withdrawals will be done manually. It means that you should have a little patience and not worry. Due to the our experience such small problems are solving within a single day. Liberty Reserve team consist of a real professionals that is why you should just wait. The problem may be solved even while you are reading these words!

Closures. Cyproreality (52 days), Fontier-Funds (20 days), Loan-For-People (5 days), Lions Society (290 days), FX Co Plus (5 days), Profit Rainbow Ltd (50 days), Proinv Money (50 days), Mx Percent (11 days), Secure Return (11 days), IntelliCapital (9 days), Denex Invest (8 days), Build Invest Group (30 days), LionsSociety (290) - temporary

HYIP Blogs. Each of us has his own motivations about the investing in high yield investing projects. Experienced investors know about many details this sphere money earning sphere. Anyway, we recommend you to read kind of philosophical opinion concerning HYIP industry: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/06/26/so-youre-a-ponzi-scheme-investor-in-which-ponzi-scam-again/

This information will be useful for the Internet users which are prefer Google search engine. Today Google Senior Vice President of Engineering Vic Gundotra said the company had "shut down invite mechanism". So, the Google stops inviting users to its Google plus social network! If you are interested in this news you may read the details here: http://ecommerce-journal.com/news/48479_google-stops-inviting-users-its-google-social-network

HYIP Forums. There are no doubts that each of us has off-line life. Someone is relaxing with the family and someone is probably going fishing. Have you ever thought what other investors do in off line time? Here is an interesting topic for you to reed. What if your friend our group-mate is also earning money like you? http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r330370-.html

What makes people like you invest in HYIP programs? Of course there is a personal motivation for each of us. Someone needs money for a vocation and someone needs cash for living. Here are quite useful thread for you to think about it: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r321517-.html

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