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Primfix ( has been already operating for more than three months and has brought good profit to its investors. Derek sent out a regular monthly newsletter informing about the results of the third month of operation. Earnings in June were outstanding, especially because of the big number of tennis matches and sport events.

Currently Primfix places many bets on matches of MLB (Major League Baseball). Derek informs that they started using a new technique in trading bets this month so profit should be great in July. He says that this concept is easy to understand. The odds for a certain game can change several times, let's say if you place a bet for a certain event that's going to take place in two weeks from now, these odds might change if the team or player achieves some results during those two weeks. Primfix can then lay its original backing bet, or vice versa, for a guaranteed profit no matter what the result is in the end:

To use this method, we are using a betting exchange rather than a regular bookmaker. This enables you to be both a player and a bookmaker so to speak. You can place bets on players/teams/results and more to win or to lose (back or lay).

The earnings in fund distribution will be included in Julys report and you will get a better idea of how profitable it can be. Derek reports that there are more than 4400 registered members in Primfix and the total deposit amount has recently crossed the $250,000 mark. He says that business field in which the project is engaged in is positively affected by summer and there are great profits such as casinos, resorts and general lodging business:

There are also many sports events during the summer. We are discussing the creation of a business portal for these type of investments, and we are now putting our ideas on the paper and thinking about the best way to share it with you all. Youll have access to other opportunities than just Primfix with this and as soon as we make more decisions on this, we will provide some more information about it.

Betting Platform should be ready soon so stay tuned for that as it will allow you to make some extra profit with Primfix.

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