Updated: 07/06/2011 17:11
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I'm sure many of you have noticed that the website of Primfix ( was unavailable yesterday and today. It is a popular project and such a thing could not pass unnoticed. Investors of the project have been discussing the problem on forums hoping for the soon return of where their money is. Luckily everything is okay now and the website is back.

There are usually two reasons for unavailability of some website. The first one is technical maintenance and the second reason is a DDoS attack used by competitors to destroy a project. In case with Primfix it was a DDoS attack and today the administration of the project has sent out a newsletter to all investors:

“As some of you may have noticed, our site was under a small attack yesterday. Our database is 100% encrypted so there was not data loss thank to our server management team who acted very quickly to end that attack. We have purchased an even stronger server protection today so that Primfix will be safe from further attack attempts like the one we just had.”

Derek apologizes for any troubles caused by the absence of the website and informs that nothing has been affected and Primfix continues working in a usual mode. He informs that the website might be inaccessible in some places, because DNS had to be changed yesterday.

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