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Now, you are welcome to read about another promising project that appeared on our website recently. MA Finance ( has personal legend...

Now, you are welcome to read about another promising project that appeared on our website recently. MA Finance ( has personal legend that is written on the main page of the official website. Due to this legend MA Finance is an online investment company that is registered in the UK (United Kingdom). This company provides derivative contracts to many of the leading UK brokerage and trading firms. Company is calculating the underlying variables of many financial instruments and providing risk hedging services and certain type of betting opportunities for its clients. Looks like program has decided to give opportunity for the online investors to earn money together and why not to use this chance if you fell yourself ready. You may find some documents about this company here ( Anyway, lets read the whole presentation of MA Finance, though you can have the whole picture about this company.

Lets start from the strong fact. The domain name of the MA Finance company, was registered on 27/06/2011 and it is paid till 27/06/2012. It is quite standard period of time which administrators of HYIP projects are paying for the domain name.

Now I will describe the most important part in each HYIP program that is investment plans. i am sure that many investors, when they find new project are trying to look at the investment plans first. MA Finance has four investment plans and right now I will give you the details on each on them:

  • Started Program - 125% after 5 days. Minimal deposit $5 maximal is unlimited
  • Standard Program - 165% after 10 calendar days. Minimal deposit $5 maximal is unlimited

See, the term of each investment plan is quite short. the minimal investment sum is really low, so if you want to invest in this project you can test its work first.

  • Advanced Program - 225% after 15 calendar days. Minimal deposit $5 maximal is unlimited
  • Professional Program - 300% after 20 calendar days. Minimal deposit $5 maximal is unlimited

The percent you will have in the end of the investment plans is really big. The highest term is 20 calendar days and it is not much. So if you really have decided to use such opportunity you may use MA Finance for this. Please keep in mind that the principal is included in the profit for all investment plans. Also, there is no compounding option but for such high percent of payouts it is not really necessary. There is also additional way to earn money with MA Finance. You can earn 6% for every amount of funds deposited by investors whom you have sponsored. All you need is your referral link which you may find after the registration on the official site of MA Finance.

MA Finance company uses 256 bit SSL encryption for secure and safe data transfer between the website and its clients. So, you may not worry about your account. Also, MA Finance has great DDoS protection provided by Dragonara Alliance Ltd, which is now one of the best company that can guarantee you best DDoS protection of nowadays! It is obvious that MA Finance project has done everything to make their clients feel safe.

Also, I must admit that MA Finance has great support. It is quite friendly and gives good answers. I am talking about Live Chat. Of course this company also has two e-mails you may use: and As far as you already understood the second mail belongs to the administration. Also, you may call MA Finance by this number: +44 (151) 601 3684 I have not checked phone service personally. Anyway, if some of our readers will have the conversation by the phone you may tell us about your impressions! Nevertheless, I have found on the official site address of the company:

Absolutely Capital Limited
26 Cruden Street, London, N1 8NH.
Registered no: 07338532

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