Updated: 07/08/2011 17:28
Hyip Monitor

Today is Friday and it means that you will read another informational survey from HYIPNews. Such publications are very useful for the all kinds of investors. It doesn't matter how long have you operating in the world of HYIPs. HYIPNews will

FelMina (felmina.com) starting from 1% up to 1,6% daily for 180 business days.
Hipofunds (hipofunds.com) starting from 0,3% up to 2.7% daily for 90 days.
Commodities-Investment (commodities-investment.com) 1-6% daily or 105-115% after 10 days!
FrostInvestmentFund (frost-investment.com) 5-6% daily!
GreenInvFund (greeninvfund.com) 104-128% after 1 day or 114-198% after 3 days!
SureProgramsInc (sureprograms.com) 105-119% after 1 day or 109-138% after 2 days!

SuperPrograms (sureprograms.com), Ready-Capital (ready-capital.com), TurBlor (turbolr.com), EndlessInvest (endlessinvest.com), PetroProffit (petroproffit.com), HourFund (hourfund.info), CashMux (cashmux.com), OptimusFunds (optimusfunds.org), Invest in Gas (invest-in-gas.net), PriMaxInvest (primaxinvest.com), SafetyForex (safety-forex.com), BestWayEarning (bestwayearning.com), Invcome (invcome.info), MacroHyip (macrohyip.com), MagicGain (magic-gain.com), Fund-Machine (fund-machine.com), MentalMoney (mentalmoney.biz), HourBit (hourorbit.com), BigForex (big-forex.com), DollarsForce (dollarsforce.com)

Roie - not paying
Poll Earn - not paying
Mick Investment - not paying
FlyYield - not paying
Capital Earn - not paying
Best Realty Invest - not paying
Forex-Perfect - not paying
Profit Capitalism - not paying

Sorry to say but looks like these programs are not going to pay to it's investors. Anyway, do not forget that each of this program may comeback to normal work even while you read this sentence. It is quite normal for the HYIP program to have some kind of problems.

Good News. Today we have a good news from Piggy Finance (piggyfinance.com)! This company was in trouble on Tuesday but not everything is alright and this project is keep paying to its investors. Congratulations.
Lithuania Trade (lithuaniatrade.net) has also solved all its problems and keep paying to the people which have invested in this project. It is a good sign indeed. We wish that section of good news were larger but this is real life and we should be already thankful that at least some of HYIP programs are trying to work as they should.

Events. True Wealth Alliance (truewealthalliance.com) recently was under DDoS attack but company has solved this problem. During our dialog via e-mail administration of this program said that DDoS attack has been mitigated by Dragonara. It is quite wise decision to use Dragonara but the fact that True Wealth Alliance was not ready to DDoS attack speaks only about inexperienced team.

There are no more events for today, the reason is simple other events related to the programs we have on HYIPNews site. We are not writing about the programs that we have in our monitoring list. We gave separate big and professional news to each of our program.

Closures. FxCod (523 days), For Finance Free (100 days), Elevada Funds (30 days), Cos Earn (17 days), Niox Fund (10 days), Omn Income (4 days), Top 1 Profit ( 9 days).

Today we have one old program closed. It has worked almost two years and many investors have earned with this project. Anyway, those who have invested recently lost their money. Too bad. Next time you will be lucky for sure.

Emoney. News from PayPal. eBay Inc has agreed to purchase a provider of payments through mobile carrier billing Zong. The deal is estimated approximately at $240 million in cash. The company expects that combined with PayPal, Zong will add complementary technology and talent that help strengthen PayPal's leadership position in mobile payments and digital goods. Scott Thompson, president of PayPal said: “Commerce is changing. With mobile phones, we walk around with a mall in our pockets. PayPal helps to make money work better for customers in this new commerce reality – no matter how they want to pay or what device they're using”.

HYIP Forums.
It is a usual situation when newbie in the sphere of hyigh yield investing doesn't know about many things. For example, new commers are often asking - HYIPs real or not? Well, it is obvious that when HYIP program is paying it is real and when it is not, then this project becomes “unreal”. Anyway, if you want to know other people's opinion you may read this thread: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r310853-.html

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