Updated: 07/11/2011 13:37
Hyip Monitor

Tell me, does it often happen that some admin asks to change the status of his program to NOT PAYING? It happens virtually never. However it happened in case with ForexElement. On Friday the administrator requested us: change the status of our program to NOT PAYING.

The reason is hacking. In this case, the administrator accused... KoDDos of hacking. It is a well known hosting company, so it is very strange to hear such allegations. Why would they do that? After all, it is clear that the fact of hacking will become known and will hurt their reputation. Or is it grounded on the fact that no one would believe the admin of a closing HYIP? We will try to check that out and contact the administrator of ForexElement hoping to get more information.

We should admit that accusations of hosting providers are quite common. I can recall the case with DDoSWIZ ( Here is this story. The administrator of OnlineMDT accused the admin of DDoSWIZ claiming that he conveyed information about hosting to a third party. We examined that situation in detail, and saw the correspondence with the administrator at the time when “information was conveyed”and can confidently say that this was a lie.

You'll have to figure out by yourselves what happened with ForexElement. Or else we'll tell you what happened if we are lucky to find that out. However, there is little chance for that. We can consider it a form of a "closure" or a form of "escape". In any case, it is clear that most likely there won't be any payouts and deposits won't be returned. The main thing is not to pay attention to any requires to invest something or pay for something.


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