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Have you ever thought where money goes, after your investment? Some of the programs are waiting for couple of days and running away with the money and...

Have you ever thought where money goes, after your investment? Some of the programs are waiting for couple of days and running away with the money and some of them are keep paying for coupe of years. Of course when program has great legend and really professional website, we like such programs, because it is obvious that administration has created something for quite long period of time. Foe example, FxLandiar (fxlandiar.com). Please admit, that I am not telling how long this program will work all I want to say that it is a high time to show this unique program to you, my dear readers.

Do you know that daily money circulation on the Forex market reaches 3-4 billion US dollars? I am sure that the administration of the FxLandiar knows about it. Also, I have read on the official website that this company has professional team of 18 people who started to work on the Forex 8 years ago. And the domain name of the official website was registered on 09/06/2011 and it is paid till 09/06/2012

There is also written about the reason, why this company appeared online – administration thinks that with the help of the FxLandiar people will earn profit which is hard to have while operating on the Forex market. You may ask your self – who manages the funds after your investing? Actually, first time I've had the same question. But I have found the answer on the About Us page. The answer is simple - these funds are managed by FxLandiar team and traded on Foreign Exchange Forex . Besides, a percentage is used to build a Reserve Fund to protect their members' funds from any losses occur. I think it is really good thing when you can trust your money to the professionals. Anyway, let's see what exactly this company propose.

Investment Plans. Short investment plans are good and the high percent of payouts is even better. You might be surprised but FxLandiar has only two investment plans but each of them is carefully prepared. How do you think 5 days is enough to wait for your profit? You can simply check it by investing in FX-I plan, where you will have 2%-3% daily during 5 days. Quite profitable proposition, I must say. Plus, you will have your principal in the end of investment period and that is a good news, indeed. Of course it is not the only opportunity to earn with FxLandiar. There is also one more investment plan where you may have much higher percent of daily payouts. That is FX-II plan, here you may have from 2.5% and up to 5% daily. Anyway, you should keep in mind that this plan has much longer period until it's over. So, you will receive your profit up to 30 days. This is the time limit for the second investment plan and you will receive your principal in the end. Almost forgot – when I say 5 or 30 days I mean calendar days. Looks like FxLandiar company is really taking care about the precious time of each investor and that is why they have decided to pay even on weekends. Of course the sooner you will finish the plan, the bigger amount you will be available to earn with the next investing. As for the investing amount, in both plans they are equal. Minimal investing sum is $5 and the maximal is $50000. Nevertheless, this project also has one surprise. If you will invest $5,000 + you may join its VIP Club! What does it mean for you? With such investment, company will give you direct access to the audited documents from the finance company they work with the yearly financial reports and all activities of the company thus gaining you a preferential investment rate. Also, you will be provided a phone line that works 24/24 to available to answer all your questions. Yes, it is quite strange position to show document only to the VIP investors but I am sure there is a logical reason for this. And please remember one more important thing, concerning investing in FxLandiar – you can not open several accounts.

Referral Program If you have program which is paying and you are satisfied with it's whole attitude to the clients, why not to help your friends to earn couple of bucks? Tell them about the project which is paying you and you will also have some kind of bonus. Yes, I am talking about referral program. After you will make a registration on the official site of FxLandiar, you may find your referral link. Then, if someone will use it and make the investment you will have up to 15% from all amounts deposited or reinvested by every referred client. That is really biggest referral bonus I have seen during this year and I am sure you like the idea to have additional money!

Payment Options.
It is very important for each of us to find everything we need in the program before the investing. If to speak about e-currency you may use while working with FxLandiar, there are two, the most popular of all. These are Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. I am sure that each of investors of nowadays have at least one of these to e-currencies. If not the registration on the official site of these e-currencies is really fast and easy.

General Website Features.
Nice looking design is not the only benefit of the official website. There are many of useful and informative things. One of them is Global FOREX Rate which is changing each day. So you can see the latest Forex rate. Also, the registration procedure is really fast and you may always see the deposits that were made recently, on the left side of the site.

Security Features.
FxLandiar has not forgot about the security level of it's website. And you may feel yourself in safe while investing. So, FxLandiar has great SSL protection provided by Comodo Group. This service is paid till 29.06.2012. It is good to know that administration of the HYIP program is really taking care about the security level of it's project. As for the DDoS protection, from the personal conversation with support team one interesting fact has appeared. FxLandiar has personal technology to fight against DDoS attacks. And also support manager said that it is even stronger than Dragonara. Of course it is very good but we can't check this information. Well, at least I can't remember the moment when this program was under DDoS attack;)

Contact Methods. First of all I must admit that FxLandiar has pretty not bad Live Chat. We all know how it is important to have one. When I say “good Live Chat” I mean two things – it is often online and the support manager is quite intelligent. So, you can feel yourself free to contact FxLandiar via Live Chat. Anyway, it is not the only contact method in this project. You may also write a e-mail here: admin@fxlandiar.com of course there is also office address 12290 SOUTH SHURTZ TRAIL SPANISH FORK UT 84660 United States Anyway, I have never been to this place but I am sure if some of our readers will be there some day, he or she will tell us about the impressions.

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