Updated: 07/12/2011 11:44
Hyip Monitor

Last week, in our regular HYIP Informational Survey, we have answered the question of our reader about traderfinancegroup.eu and its documents. After the publication of our warnings, we have received several letters from readers who expressed surprise in our evaluation of the document. Let me remind you, we were asked about the reality of traderfinancegroup.eu documents registration, about which we said that the documents of traderfinancegorup.eu are not worth of trust.

First, they have provided on its website a document, allegedly a certificate of registration in the United States. In addition, their domain name shows that they are positioning themselves as European company that is in itself suspicious.

Secondly, they have provided on its website evidence of registration, owned by another company. Yes, yes. Their certificate belongs to the non-profit organisation NATURAL HAZARD MITIGATION ASSOCIATION (NHMA). It is not difficult to verify that the certificate of the company is available for the public: http://www.nhma.info/NHMA_Cert.html you can also see that our observation regarding the dates are absolutely correct. The date on the original document is different.

Actually, the second item is the main proof of the validity of our findings. Although they were based on superficial observations. Fortunately often in the world of high yield investments, superficial observation is quite enough to make the right investment decision and does not invest in dangerous projects. And anyone who reads our site can develop this skill. If you will learn how to use online tools, you can easily reduce the risks of investing in HYIP before until the adequate level.

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